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Bea Broda started her career in television by hosting a daily talk show in Canada for five years, before reorienting her focus to Travel Television.  She is a renowned travel writer, television series host and producer, actress as well as a highly sought-after speaker.



Launching her travel journalism career in 1987 hosting a show called "Discover Your World", which led to Bea starting her own production company in 1988 and the airing of “Passport to Adventure”, which was followed in 1997 with her series, “Timeless Places”, airing on numerous networks throughout Canada, she is now currently working on “Outta Town Adventures” which began airing in the Spring of 2016 on NBC Affiliates and is distributed on Amazon Prime.  With the invention of the internet, Bea began working on projects for the web, and was awarded two Bell Fund Grants for productions that included both Broadcast and Web components.  Bea’s television series present positive travel news and information, encouraging people to explore our beautiful world and communicate the joyful aspects of human interaction facilitated by tourism.  Bea travels to as many as 15 countries per year for her productions, from exotic countries like the Seychelles and Rwanda, to closer destinations like different states of the USA or provinces in Canada.



Her television experience led her to several fun movie projects including co-writing, co-producing, and acting in Captivating Carla, a movie released in 2017, that was produced for the film festival circuit.



A sought-after speaker on topics centering around Television Video Production, Internet Video Production, Broadcast Production, Website Clips, and Social Media Campaigns. Bea has also spoken on Travel trends. Bea is a regular speaker about the responsibility of media at conferences of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT).



Bea is a past elected President of The Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), representing many hundreds of individuals that have decided to make travel journalism and promote their career.

In 2017, Bea was nominated as a charter member of The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) for their Travel for Peace Campaign.  Her experience meeting people from every culture and country, has helped her to become a dedicated advocate for the concept of travelers finding common ground with those that they meet, and thereby fostering peace through tourism. The end result is a responsible traveler who respects the health and sustainability of the planet as well as the people who live on it.




Although she focuses her work on travel, her life experience has brought her to also address world topics like healthcare, nature, the environment, spirituality and other subjects that she feels are essential in our modern age. After witnessing many miraculous events throughout her travels, her beliefs in a higher power strengthened and she felt compelled to enroll in courses that could give her spiritual insight into her purpose in this life. She eventually became a legally ordained non-denominational spiritual minister with the rights and privileges to perform marriage ceremonies in the United States and Canada.

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