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Positive Impact Travel Is On the Rise

As responsible tourism grows, with large international organisations like the UN declaring 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and the Adventure Trade Travel Association pinpointing transformative travel as the largest motivating factor for adventure travel, the customer maybe still left confused as to what trips do have a positive impact.

With this new dedicated platform, Earth Changers offers the where, who and why to engage, educate and enable the booking of outstanding worldwide sustainable tourism.

Victoria Smith, founder of Earth Changers says:

“Many people like the thought of positive impact travel but don’t know how to distinguish it. Having worked across the travel industry including specialising in sustainability for many years, I feel the heart and soul of responsible tourism is often missing – the true pioneering people and places have stories to tell that travellers love to know about.

Earth Changers curates the most revolutionary trips that change the world and highlights the extraordinary trips’ benefits – for the guests and local community hosts”.

More than just elucidating the top sustainability of destinations, Earth Changers connects the traveller with the journeys and motives of the people behind the places and their purpose:

– ‘People’ profiles who’s behind the amazing places, how and why they came to be there, and the positive impact they have on local communities and nature conservation: Inspirational stories for travellers to engage with real emotion.

– ‘Places’ highlights where you can go, what you can do, who you’ll meet and what sustainable tourism means in and for the destination, community, culture, environment and guest experience; from eco-luxe in endangered environments, to secluded private islands, to ocean-going conservation to raw experiential community-based travel.

– ‘Purpose’ explains the big world issues, what can be done, where it is accomplished and how more sustainable tourism can support the UN’s Global Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.

Inclusion on the site is by merit of demonstrable results from true commitment to sustainable development through tourism.

Victoria says:

“It’s not just the lodges or tour companies who are Earth Changers. Individuals who take part in Earth Changers trips are key to the success of our overall goal, positive impact. Even just by having an amazing trip experience they help change the world. The guests are Earth Changers too”.



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