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Silk Travel Sheet Is A “Must-Take” – Literally Everywhere

I recently discovered a silk sheet that packs into a small bag, all weighing 6 ounces, and it’s been the best little catch-all product I’ve seen in a long time! It serves so many functions when you’re on a trip and is light enough to carry with you all the time.

The folks at Brave Era, who created the sheet, wanted to craft a product that would address several issues faced by travellers without adding volume and weight, and I found several ways that it came in awfully handy for me.

If you’re on a long, cool flight and they’re just not handing out blankets, the travel sheet is warm and large enough to cover you comfortably.

Recent studies have indicated that not every hotel changes up its linens every day, incredibly. If you’ve checked into a hotel and think the bed looks a tad “iffy,” just tuck yourself into this silk sheet, which will provide a thin layer between you and the offending bedding.

Worried about bed bugs like I have been since one or two of them found me in an airport lounge two years ago? Even the best hotels have been known to be tormented by them! Well, bed bugs are known to hate silk, and the sheet is once again a protective layer. (Even more effective if sprayed with an insect repellent.) University dorms can be notorious for harbouring bed bugs, so this 6 little ounces of critter- resistant buffer can be quite a godsend!

If you’re height is 6’6″ or less, you’ll fit, and the material is so light, you can wash and dry it before it’s time to UBER your way to the next train station.

It’s designed to slip into like a sleeping bag and it’s amazing how warm the silk fabric can be! The natural silk is ideal for sensitive skin and offers protection against dust mites, allergens, harsh detergents and unclean bedding.

All that insurance in a 6 ounce silk pouch! Now, that’s a travel discovery!



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