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CITY OF CUSCO A 45 minute flight from Lima, the Corichanca is the most famous building here. The Inca stone construction is mysterious in that the boulders are so huge and fit so well together. Country life is never far away, as alpaca roam around posing for pictures. Colorful tapestries are a highly prized acquisition, and restaurants are supplied with excellent produce from nearby farms.

CUSCO BOULDERS The most impressive boulders are located at Sacsayhuaman, the original site of Cusco. Some of the huge boulders weigh 450 tons, and it is a mystery how the perfect walls were built. Many believe it pre-dates the Inca era.

IQUITOS Peru’s largest jungle city with over a quarter of a million people. It is accessible only by river or by air, and is a launching point for tours further into the jungle. Be fully prepared if you hike through the jungles here!

MACHU PICCHU TRAIN RIDE Walking the Inca Trail is a great way to get a sense of the history, but the train is a great way to get up to Machu Picchu via the city of Agua Caliente. From here, you take a bus to the archaeological site at the top.

LIMA The capital of Peru is home to over 7 million people. The county’s best museums and shops can be found here. Plaza des Armas is the main square where the Presidential Palace is located. There is wonderful Spanish colonial architecture in Lima.

MACHU PICCHU High in the Andes Mountains, The Lost City is now an enigma, and was only discovered in 1911. It is not certain who built it or what took place here, but there are sacred plazas, observatories and temples. It was long ago abandoned and nobody has a clearly theory as to why.

MUSEUMS IN PERU The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology contains artifacts from every region of Peru, giving a good picture of the culture prior to the arrival of the Spanish. The Gold Museum houses thousands of gold objects, from ponchos and bracelets to simple jewelry.

CORICHANCA Located in Cusco, this temple dates back thousands of years, and its original purpose is uncertain. The ruins are in near perfect condition, while so much else perished due to earthquakes. It features the amazing architecture sometimes attributed to the Inca age, but likely pre-dates that brief era.

SAN FRANSISCO CHURCH Famous for the catacombs that contains the remains of over 70,000 people. There is also a library with ancient books on site.



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