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A Pause in Travel, But Keeping Dreams Alive

(Note from Publisher: A Classic Tours Collection is a company I have travelled with and believe in. They dig beneath typical tourist activities and endeavour to give a truly rich and memorable cultural experience.)

Wars, natural disasters and even epidemics have come and gone while lives still carried on, but this deadly pandemic has put time to a standstill, and mankind nearly over the edge. The global economy being inevitably on the front-line, its impact seems impossible to avoid.

The current lock down has caused pain and anxiety all over the world. We humans have always come through such crisis and we will in this case too. Travel industry is an important economic contributor all over the world- provides jobs, avenues to learn, travel the distant destinations and fulfill dreams.

As Time holds us back, we need to reflect and do some soul-searching. We will come with new dimensions and new avenues of travel including less traveled paths. Here we set foot to unravel new journeys, new experiences! At `A Classic Tours Collection’ we are always looking to step-up and figuring out new ways. Not only with innovative ideas on travels and new methods and recognizing need to adapt to keep fulfilling travel dreams. There is need to find new ways, adapt to changing times and change policies until the world gets back to “NORMAL”.

Keeping the travel dreams alive – not only for travelers that had to cancel or had to postpone. Also, for those that are thinking of traveling but are hesitant to book. To all of you we offer:

  • No change fees- Postponing your trips to future up to Dec. 2021- applies to customized tours, Incredible journeys and Tours Collection packages

  • New Bookings- Book without putting any deposits- applies to all types of tours we offer.

  • ON NEW CUSTOMIZED TOURS, INCREDIBLE JOURNEYS AND TOUR COLLECTION BOOKINGS- Pay deposits: as late as 60 days prior to departure

  • Final payments: 30 days prior to departure

  • Only administrative fees apply to cancellation between 59 to 31 days prior to departure.

  • Cancellations received 29 days or less- rebooking / preponement of journeys permitted.

Note: We are working with all our Suppliers. Partner Hotels, Airlines to agree to these terms. We realize that “soft bookings are a sign of hope and business to come” & we hope to get your support. As the need for human survival grows - “ We need to see an opportunity in every difficulty”. Once this testing time gets over, we commit to provide you a chance to reconnect with the world, explore and expand your personal horizons.

`A sign of hope and business to come



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