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African Tourism Board President Running for Presidential Election in Seychelles?

The travel and tourism industry in Seychelles is proud of Alain St.Ange, their former minister of tourism. With Alain St. Ange now appointed as the Hon. President of the African Tourism Board, Seychelles has an important place in this initiative for Africa.Alain St.Ange, the former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine who now heads his “One Seychelles” political party alongside the popular Peter Sinon, also a former Minister of the islands for Fisheries received the green light from the Head of the Seychelles Electoral Commission Danny Lucas saying their newly registered party had complied will the island’s electoral regulations.

They received their official certificate of registration on Friday 16 August.

This paves the way for One Seychelles party to contest the coming Presidential elections and the next National Assembly elections (the Legislative Assembly). Perhaps this will make St. Ange a head of State and a President of the African Tourism Board at the same time.

St. Ange has not yet officially announced he was running for president of this island nation.

Besides St.Anges ambition to lead Seychelles into a next chapter, St. Ange always worked with a global mindset with an African agenda.

In his welcome remarks to African Tourism Board members, St. Ange said:“The African Tourism Board is working with Africa to help our continent achieve the most out of its tourism industry, an industry that has become more and more challenging.”The fifty-four states that make this great continent is the home to cultural diversity as never seen before and is the home to the largest range of unique selling points. Africa with the African Tourism Board is working with the private sector tourism trade to write its own narrative and spell out to the world what makes Africa great.

We are for Africa what PATA is for the Pacific and Asia and as we commit to being the mouthpiece we shall also be working with Tourism Boards and Tourism Ministers to ensure a united voice echoes across the world.Africa needs its tourism industry and the African Tourism Board will help in ensuring that the People of Africa claims back their tourism industry and make every African a winner in the process.”More information and to join ATB go to



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