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OVERVIEW OF BELGIUM This country celebrates and perpetuates its vibrant history with great pageantry and festivals. Known for the world’s best chocolate and finest lace, Belgium’s main cities boast gloriously preserved architecture that speaks of an influence from the Middle Ages. The north coast is characterized by wide sandy beaches and numerous small towns charm the countryside.

BRUSSELS The center of the European Union and NATO, Brussels is also the capital city of Belgium. Grand Place and numerous museums grace the downtown core where you can see St. Michael’s Cathedral that dates from the 13th century & many Louis XV1th inspired buildings. A labyrinth of enchanting alleyways present endless shopping & dining pleasures for pedestrians. Mini Europe lies 15 minutes away, with exquisite miniatures of European building icons.

BRUGGE The cloth trade elevated Brugge to being a major center in the Middle Ages, while today it’s better known for its picturesque setting upon a system of attractive canals. In the main square, the Town Hall & cathedral of the Holy Saviour are immaculate eyefuls where Flemish artwork can be beheld. Markets found on twisting turning lanes present an intoxicating array of chocolate, lace & antique goods.

BEACH RESORT 69 kilometers of lush sandy beaches line the north coast, creating a vacation wonderland for Belgians as well as tourists. An unbroken chain of resorts stretches along the beach, especially in de Haan where sidewalk cafés and entertaining promenades attract families. The old railway station has been converted into an Info center serving this Maritime province of Belgium.

CAMPING IN BELGIUM Because Belgium’s north coast is characterized by its beach resort ambiance, it’s the area most serviced with campgrounds. Basic camp accommodation can be enhanced with pay-as-you-go showers and other services, while grounds are well groomed and maintained. Bring your camping carné and/or passport to obtain admission.

FERRY SERVICE IN BELGIUM One of the best ways to get between Belgium and England is by a 45 minute ferry voyage that accommodates numerous passengers and their vehicles. The terminal for a variety of vessels, such as the Seacat, that travel to Dover is located in Ostende, a miniature Brussels that acts as a transportation hub between Britain and mainland Europe.



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