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Belize's Lobster Festival is a Bucket-List Experience

While summer is traditionally a time for a backyard BBQ in the USA and Canada, in Belize, it’s the time to experience the most exciting culinary celebration in the country: the Belize Lobster Festivals!

Various festivals take over Belize, highlighting grilled lobster dishes in local restaurants and at events nationwide. It all began in 1994 and today the festivals are some of the most popular gastronomic events in Belize, kicking off the summer lobster season. Focusing on local food and sustainability is a big part of what makes Belize unique, and these festivals provide the perfect opportunity to tell that story. An abundance of lobster available from July to September also means prices are at their lowest, making a trip during the summer season even more attractive.

These three key locations to celebrate must be on your radar, allowing travellers to explore different regions of Belize:

Caye Caulker Lobster Festival, July 1-3

If ever your travels lead to Caye Caulker make sure to visit “The Split” as you inevitably adopt the “go-slow” mode that is a staple here. The island is an ideal place to walk or bike as you sample some of the freshest lobster available in Belize. You may even bump into Miss Lobsterfest if you play your cards right.

San Pedro-Ambergris Lobster Festival, July 3-10

A scenic water taxi or small-craft plane ride to the popular island of Ambergris Caye is only part of the adventure where the cobbled streets of San Pedro await. Stroll along shorelines, rent a bike or golf cart, and indulge in all the island flavors available to you. Visit Central Park or walk along the beach where lobster parties and specials await.

Placencia Lobster Festival, July 16-17

Be prepared to go barefooted, as the locals do. If that isn’t enticing enough, the lobster dishes on this peninsula will make the trip more than worth your while. As the only peninsula region of Belize, Placencia offers a golden beach and a warm “village-type” atmosphere that enhances lobster lover's adventures.

It’s not just tasting the local lobster that makes these festivals exciting. Expect beauty pageants, with some contestants dressed as lobsters. Reggae and Belizean music concerts compliment the beach festivals and street parties that take place.



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