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Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Zodiac Sign in 2019

Find the best honeymoon destinations for your zodiac sign in 2019 right here. There should be no difficulty finding the right location if you are guided by the stars.

With a lot to think about when planning your honeymoon; what with the budget, how long to stay and more, deciding on the exact location might be a bother. Well consider checking out our guide on honeymoon destinations for every zodiac sign and let the stars guide you to the perfect spot for your holiday. Each sign has their particular quirks and personalities, which would make certain destinations fun and others not much so. Therefore, it should be a great idea to chart a course to locations that are best suited to you. Why don’t you take a look at what we have and see if the shoe fits. We offer you the best honeymoon destinations for every zodiac sign in 2019.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Amalfi Coast, Italy

Taurus loves luxury and is happiest when indulging in sensual pleasures like delicious food and drink. This is why this location, a 50km stretch of coastline along Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula would be perfect for the Venus ruled sign. An emotional romantic, Taurus is also an earth’s sign whose connection with nature will allow them enjoy the scenic routes and views from the port city of Salerno and the Sorrento clifftop. Content to unpack and stay in one location for a length of time as opposed to city hopping, Taurus will enjoy this time among vineyards, grand villas and lemon groves. There are also boat excursions to Capri and Ischia and also tours to places like Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius or to see the impressive cathedral in the square.

Visitors to this location can choose to stay at the Hotel Onda Verde which is right on the beach and a Cliffside which leads down to the Amalfi Coast. Another option is Hotel Fontana situated by the waterside and in a great neighborhood. The best time by far to visit this all-inclusive honeymoon destination is in May when the temperatures are perfect there are fewer tourists, and prices are low.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – Barcelona, Spain

With an adventurous dual nature, Gemini would fall in love with this city that never sleeps where they can experience various extremes all at the same time. Not one to endure a boring itinerary, this social and charismatic soul will enjoy the life and culture in Barcelona, a place with a plethora of options for fun. They would also be thrilled to spend a day hoping from a street market to a park, and then a museum to the beach, and then a night club.

Some lovely places to stay include the Hotel SB Diagonal Zero, which has upscale modern rooms, a seasonal panoramic pool, Turkish baths and Finnish spa, and even a solarium on the hotel rooftop. There’s also Atenas Catalonia which offers marvelous views from its rooftop swimming pool among other sour star luxuries. The best times to visit are late March to April and late September to October when the weather is idyllic and the festivals are plentiful.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A cozy and deeply emotional homebody, cancer is particularly cautious and not especially fond of taking a leap into the unknown. However, the idea of a honeymoon in a comfortable location by the water might just bring them out of their shell for some fun and relaxation.

Cancer would feel at home, connecting with their water element and enjoying the abundance of marine life at the Great Barrier Reef just off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. There are also lots of activities to engage in, such as; snorkeling, boat rides, scuba diving, helicopter tours and more within the largest ecosystem for miles around.

Some great places to stay for a honeymoon here include, Coral Cove Resort which has been described as an excellent value for money. A 30-minute drive away from Bundaberg Airport, this location offers a lovely ocean and golf course views. There’s also Rosslyn Bay Resort Yeppoon which overlooks the secluded and beautiful Kemp Beach. Their self-contained accommodations are also perfect for a couple looking for some privacy. Great for diving all year round, the best time to visit is late August to early December. However, visibility in the coral sea are best in June and September.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Serengeti, Tanzania

Happy and outgoing Leo is completely impossible to ignore. Their zest for life and super social nature thrives in the attention they rightly receive. A perfect honeymoon for Leo would be an African safari in a location like Tanzania where they connect with their wild side and take a picture with their equally royal and regal zodiac namesake. At the Serengeti National Park, visitors can enjoy sandy beaches, fly in hot air balloons, watch the wildebeest migration, go on safaris to see the lions, elephants, and even climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Some lovely accommodations here include, the Serengeti Wildebeest Camp in Banagi, and the luxurious Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti located in the center of the Serengeti. The best time to visit is late June to October when the weather is lovely and you can have the best of wildlife viewing.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – Machu Picchu, Peru

Compulsive and health conscious virgo with a love for sustaining the earth would love and enjoy the Sacred Valley of macho Picchu, Peru. With the well planned parks of the Inca trail as well as architecture and agriculture of the ancient city, it’s easy to see why a virgo would enjoy hiking and exploring this location. A very curious and intuitive individual, the virgo would love learning about and discovering the numerous gardens, mountains and pastures in this stunning place.

Some delightful places to stay here are the Taypikala Machupicchu, situated 250 m from Machu Picchu Train station with comfortable and modern amenities. There is also Casa del Sol Machupicchu, which offers excellent service, views and spacious rooms, 83,4 km away from Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport. The best time to visit Machu Picchu is April to October for lovely weather and even lovelier views.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Paris, France

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, libra also has a strong sense of social justice. Inclined to intelligence as well, a libra would surely have a swell time in Paris the City of Lights. A city with a vibe of culture, music and art would definitely whet the senses of this amorous sign. It is difficult to find a better suited honeymoon destination.

A visit to the Louvre, romantic walks along the banks of the picturesque Seine or the Pont des Arts would make every minute of your holiday simply delightful.

Romantic places to stay include the elegantly styled Villa Alessandra, which is situated in a Mediterranean courtyard and close to the the Arc de Triomphe. There is also Hôtel Plaza Étoile, with its contemporary styled accommodations within the same vicinity. The best times to visit are April to June and October to November when the crowds are smaller and the weather is enjoyable.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – Los Angeles, California

Being the confident, bold and curious souls that they are, it is easy for a scorpio to get bored in one location. And for this reason, one of the best honeymoon destinations in the US with an endless myriad of activities and sights, would best fit this sometimes brooding but beautiful sign. Scorpios are also very conscious of their spending, so perhaps a location not too far and equally affordable would be perfect.

This is why Los Angeles California, a place with virtually everything from beaches to snowy mountains, valleys and deserts, is a most perfect honeymoon destination for this sign. With various terrains and gorgeous nature, palm trees, celebrities and yoga pants, it is impossible for this earth loving sign to complain of boredom.

Lovely accommodations in the area include, the highly rated Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which offers guests plush en suite rooms and bathrooms, on site heated swimming pool and other luxuries. There is also the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles with modern rooms and a great location. The best times to visit LA are March to May and between September and November.

Sagittarius – Iceland

The most adventurous of the zodiac, Sagittarius value their freedom above everything, and would most probably have a number of stamps on their passport by now. Sagittarius is endlessly curious and loves to learn and explore. This is why Iceland, one of the most unique honeymoon destinations, would be great for this zodiac sign. A country with a beautiful and captivating landscape perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and whale watching, and at just the right time, a view of the Northern lights. This location gives Sagittarius the combination of being able to completely relax after a wedding and trip, and also to explore and have fun when they choose to.

For a great time away, you could consider a stay at the Storm Hotel by Keahotels with its stylish rooms in the center of Reykjavik. There is also the Hotel Gullfoss which can be found by the Hvita River and just 3 km from Gullfoss Waterfall. The best times to visit are “February, March, September and October for front row views of the Northern lights.

Capricorn – Easter Island, off the coast of Chile

This earth based, hardworking sign takes the time to truly relax when they find the opportunity for a holiday. And so a remote location of seclusion would probably work best for our Capricorn. This is why Easter Island in Chile, one of the best beach honeymoon destinations, might just be the perfect location to truly unwind, unburden and recharge. While they enjoy their alone time, a Capricorn also has incredible stamina and so would be just as ready to explore every inch of the island during their holiday. There’s lots to do on Easter Island; from surfing or relaxing on the beaches to scuba diving or stargazing at night. Visitors also enjoy visiting the Rano Raraku archeological site and seeing the famous stones and statues of Ahu Tongariki.

For holiday accommodations you could consider The Taha Tai in Hanga Roa. Just a 5-minute drive from Mataveri International Airport, it features bungalows and a swimming pool surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. There is also Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa which is also in Hanga Roa and offers beautiful views of the ocean alongside excellent service. The best times to visit are April to June or October to December when the prices are moderate and the weather is equally so.


Compassionate and trustworthy pisces most likely dreams about the most perfect and romantic honeymoon destinations. This wouldn’t be far from reach and dreams can turn into reality if they choose a place like Hawaii for their honeymoon. This is the most perfect location for a daydreaming Pisces. A place where they can live out their most vivid imaginations and get lost for hours on romantic beaches and hiking to explore lush beaches. They are also content to relax in their rooms and enjoy the views all day, but there are also options for sightseeing dramatic volcanoes and taking helicopter tours to take in even better views.

After a stressful and perhaps whirlwind wedding, the Pisces would enjoy lounging and relaxing in beautiful Hawaii. Some options of places to stay are the Kauai Beach Resort on the on the eastern coast of Kauai which offer guests everything from hot tubs to waterslides and live music. There is also Royal Kona Resort which sits along the Pacific Ocean on on Kailua Bay. With pleasant weather all year round, there is hardly a bad time to visit Hawaii; however, the best times are April, May, September and October.

If you are unsure of where to book for your honeymoon, consider following the stars to find some of the top honeymoon destinations, which align with your sign. Your zodiac sign is great for interpreting your personality and preferences. This is why it is a wonderful compass for finding your best honeymoon destinations 2019. Whether you are an adventurous Sagittarius or homebody Cancer, you are sure to find something just right for you.



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