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Bike Switzerland Announces “The Geneva Crown”

Geneva’s most iconic rides on your cellphone

Geneva, January 14thst, 2019: Today Bike Switzerland announces the release of a new online platform that gives local riders and cycling tourists turn-by-turn voice navigation of 4 iconic local rides on their cellphone.

This company has been renting road bikes for almost 10-years and have always had the same question from clients: “Where do we ride ?” Now rather than sitting down with maps, one can simply to go to to see the routes and access the application designed by RidewithGPS.

John Klemme / Director at Bike Switzerland

Riders don’t need to have a Swiss cellphone subscription. All maps can be downloaded to a smart phone while on wi-fi and the navigation uses cell tower triangulation to determine the location of the rider. The platform is free to everyone. Bike Switzerland hopes that the initiative will inspire cyclists from all over Europe to discover the riding possibilities in Geneva.

Cyclists considering a trip to Geneva do not need to bring their bikes.

Bike Switzerland has a large fleet of quality rental bikes that can be reserved on their website:

Bike Switzerland has been helping cyclists explore Switzerland since 2003. In addition to their bicycle rentals, sales and service, the company runs 4 different 10-day cycling tours across the country.



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