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A weekend of demonstrations and family events in Desert Hot Springs, California

Desert Hot Springs, California: - Cultural Weekends 2019 fosters Cabot’s vision of bringing art, culture, and people together. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum will host its first of three Cultural Weekends on January 25-27, 2019 featuring artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico. The Cultural Weekend is free and open to the public.

📷Enjoy an exceptional setting, observe master artisans at work, and experience the artistry + ancestry of Oaxaca artists. Meet Yesenia Salgado Tellez, a jeweler, who creates in the ancient and disappearing filigree jewelry style. Her family preserves the Oaxaca traditions in their art.


Engage with Jesus Sosa, who carves and paints fanciful animal carvings, alebrije, as they are known in Spanish. His two signture pieces are cat with pokda dots and a one inspired around an amoeba. Jesus is self taught and has taken coursed in painting, drawing, and carving with hard wood as most alebrije are carved from Copal tree, a soft wood.

📷Converse with Porfirio Gutierrez, a Zapotec weaver, who continues his ancestral traditions in weaving and using natural dyes in his textiles. Every weaving tells a story through the Zapotec symbols, their colors, and order of the pieces are part of the narrative. Porfirio is an advocated and ethnic ambassador for his traditional Zapotec culture. In December 2018, he was part of a panel with Donna Karan and Paula Culés and International Folk Art Market’s Creative Director, Keith Recker as part of the IFAM Art Market in New York.

Cabot’s Museum Foundation promotes and preserves Cabot Yerxa’s legacy of cultural respect, education, art, community and the desert habitat. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum welcomes approximately 14,000 visitors a year to experience Cabot Yerx’s story, home, and Museum through tours led by staff and volunteers. Visitors are inspired by Yerxa’s use of reclaimed materials to build the Pueblo and the natural beauty of its location. Continuing Cabot’s vision of bringing Native American arts to the wider community, the museum offers Cultural Weekends.

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Cabot’s Pueblo Museum is located at 67616 East Desert View Avenue, Desert Hot Springs, and offers tours Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Admission is $13. Group tours are available. For information visit or call (760) 329-7610.



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