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Contact in the Desert Returns to Indian Wells, California

An EPIC weekend of ADVENTURE into Science of UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life, Ancient Aliens, Human Origins, Crop Circles, Government Disclosure, UFO Sightings, Forbidden Archaeology, Contact Experiences and the “need to know.”

CONTACT in the DESERT holds its 7th annual event at the Renaissance Resort and Hotel in Indian Wells, California. CONTACT in the DESERT will bring together an all-star team of experts to discuss the latest developments in the field, including the recently disclosed secret Pentagon UFO program.


George Noory

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Graham Hancock

David Wilcock

Nassim Haramein

Linda Moulton Howe

Erich von Daniken

David Adair

Emery Smith

Michael Tellinger

Michael Salla

Russell Targ

Derrel Sims

Nick Pope

David Childress

Peter Levenda

Jacques Vallee

Adam Apollo

Mary Rodwell

Rep. Merrill Cook

A.J. Gevaerd

Jimmy Church

Clyde Lewis

Laura Eisenhower

Rey Hernandez

Brien Foerster

Dr. Rudy Schild

James Gilliland

Whitley Strieber

Hugh Newman

Maria Wheatley

Stephen Bassett

Travis Walton

Clifford Mahooty

John Burroughs

Jason Quitt

Brad Olsen

Jordan Sather

Yvonne Smith

Billy Carson

John DeSouza

Dr. Lynne Kitei

Doc Wallach

Elizabeth Wilcock

Derek Tyler

Barbara Lindsey

Eric Rankin

JJ & Desiree Hurtak

Ben Hansen

Michael Johnson

Steve Murillo

Robert Perala

Alan Steinfeld

Becky Merlino

Richard Dolan

Dr. Lynne Kitei

Robert Grant

Sonia Barrett


More than a conference the event is a portal through which attendees can gain knowledge and the most up-to-date info on UFOs and ancient alien studies.



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