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Contact in the Desert UFO Conference Brings Leading Experts in Science and the Future Together

Will 2020 Be a Year of Perfect UFO Sightings?

Indian Wells, CA – March 5, 2020 – On the heels of NASA tracking an unidentified flying object (UFO) for over three hours in their live feed on February 21, comes the 8th Annual Contact in the Desert event, an epic adventure weekend into the science of UFOs, communication with non-human intelligence, ancient astronauts, human origins, crop circles, military sightings, government disclosure, artificial intelligence, downed craft technology, the evolution of consciousness, forbidden archaeology, cosmic teachings, contact experiences, interplanetary living and much more, will take place May 29 to June 1, now in its third year at the Indian Wells Resort & Spa.

The theme for 2020 is “Science and the Future,” and the event will host the most comprehensive group of 70 experts, scientists, researchers and military insiders from throughout the world including Coast2Coast radio host George Noory; the esteemed Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense (1963-67), noted former British Government Ministry of Defense researcher Nick Pope, UFO openness icon John Lear, plus Dr. Steven Greer, Linda Moulton-Howe, Mary Rodwell, Richard Dolan, Daniel Sheehan, Dr. Michael Salla, Rizwan Virk, Deep Prasad and many, many more!

Contact in the Desert is more than just a conference. This epic weekend event is a gateway through which attendees can have up-close access to the largest group of the most fascinating speakers assembled in the UFO field, from the FBI, NASA, military, and government officials, to ancient alien researchers and scientists, as well as archeologists, astronomers, and cosmologists, all under one roof.

For early attendee arrivals, the event starts off on Thursday May 28 with a tour to explore the beauty of noted Joshua Tree area UFO sighting locations Giant Rock and Crystal Hill. That evening is an Attendees Meet & Greet to get to know each other before the conference officially begins. This year Contact in the Desert includes over 67 lectures, 56 workshops, 8 panels, 3 “Conversations with,” 12 intensives, 3 CE5 fieldwork experiences, and live podcast tapings, as well as a Speakers’ Meet & Greet Event, the always sold out George Noory Luncheon, the CITD Speakers’ Award Dinner, after which guests will enjoy a table round robin with many of the speakers, a Cosmic Cafe Gathering, Cinema Under the Stars and the popular Night Vision Goggle Experience to view the galaxy and any visiting UFOs. Truly at Contact in the Desert, there is something for everyone!

The speakers and subjects this year will be astounding!

Some of the event highlights include:

Lucy Pringle, an authority on crop circles, relating the latest images to an Earth intelligence as the cause of this phenomena. • Neurobiologist, computational neurobiologist, chemist, and pharmacologist Dr. Andrew Gallimore will share his cutting-edge research in the use of DMT to communicate with non-human intelligence. • MIT computer scientist Rizwan Virk will share his Simulation Hypothesis, with evidence that our physical reality is part of a matrix – similar to the film The Matrix. • A celebration the 40th Anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest incident joined by eyewitness John Burroughs, alongside Lt. Col. Charles Halt and Nick Pope. • Introduction to the eyewitnesses of the USS Nimitz Event who are engaged with the UAP Expedition Group researching the continual sightings of UFO's along the coast of California. • Uncovering the mysteries of the pyramids and evidence for an archive under the Sphinx, with Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh, and guarded secrets of sacred sites with Brad Olson, Maria Wheatley, Freddy Silva and others. • Exploring the physics of paranormal phenomena with Dr. Michael Dennin. • Fulbright professor Dr. Bruce Solheim will talk about the worldwide-growth in alien abductions and its relationship to PTSD. • Ancient Aliens host Jason Martell will be discussing aliens and artificial intelligence as a mode for communication Brooks Agnew, John Desouza, Dr. Diana Pasulka, David Adair, Dr. Michael Salla, and others will talk about space based manufacturing, back-engineering, the newly founded Space Force, Helium Three, and asteroid mining as the future of energy on Earth. Deep Prasad, a 23-year-old Silicon Valley prodigy, considered the next Einstein, will discuss our future integration with technologically advanced non-human species.  Russell Targ will share the History of Remote Viewing and its techniques alongside Stephan Schwartz, Simeon Hein and Paul Smith.

Close to 100 people attending the annual Contact in the Desert event in 2016 witnessed several UFOs at close range. Luckily, a documentary film crew captured the incident. Reports and video of the sighting were covered in the Daily Express, Coast to Coast AM, and other outlets. Also in 2016, in Indian Wells, the conference’ new home, dozens of bright star-like orbs moving together rapidly across the sky, were observed on July 23. Similar occurrences were documented in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Will there be a sighting in Indian Wells for the event’s 8th year?

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