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5 Interesting Things to Know and Share About Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

ORLANDO, Fla. (May 23, 2017) – Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours is a highly popular luxury cruise and tour line for a vacation at sea. If you are seeking visits to medieval buildings and prehistoric fortifications that grace the banks of the Rhine or visit vineyards and quaint villages that inspired many artistic and musical works or the blue waters of the Danube with stunning views of lavender fields, rolling hills, vineyards and castles at every turn, this is a line to consider.

Here are 5 compelling reasons consumers sail Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours:

  1. The new Scenic Eclipse is the first ocean cruise ship from Scenic. The inaugural voyage will be in the Mediterranean August of 2018. Scenic has 16 additional luxury vessels that offer a selection of cruise and river cruise vacations to virtually every destination in the world.

  2. Balmoral Cruises from Dublin to Bergen voyages will begin in 2019.Being entrenched in world history and culture, it is often easy to forget that Britain is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and diverse islands on Earth. From Dublin, you will set off across the Irish Sea to the unique self-governed Isle of Man, an incredibly beautiful locale that is very proud of its Celtic heritage. From there, you’ll wind your way along the western isles of Scotland.

  3. Scenic Eclipse has been custom-built to allow entry into small ports. You’ll spend nights moored in the tiny bays of these beautiful islands, giving you plenty of time to immerse yourself in the culture and hospitality they offer.

  4. Truly All-Inclusive. Scenic’s ships offer 6-star luxury, plus everything is included, from your transfers and tips, to your exclusive shore excursions including Zodiacs, kayaks, e-bikes, and even your mini-bar. Everything is included with Scenic: they will not even ask for your credit card at check in.

  5. Exclusive & Unique Settings for Local Destination Immersion. Scenic offers “Sundowner Events” that will take your breath away. Toast the beauty of Austria’s Wachau Valley from the slopes of the Danube ,where you’ll listen to the music of the masters and sip champagne. A cable car ride high above Koblenz to the 19th century Ehrenbreitstein Fortress reveals incredible views of the Rhine; and the Kalemegdan Fortress of Belgrade overlooks the majestic site where the river Sava flows into the Danube and pays homage to Serbian poets, writers and composers. Tasting the renowned wines of the Rhône from the majestic Tournon Castle is truly unforgettable. These Scenic Sundowner destinations give you the opportunity to truly appreciate the European way of life.

About Cruises-N-More

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