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Research Shows Anticipation of Travel Experiences Extends Vacations in The Mind

4 Reasons Booking Land Tour Activities or Shore Excursions Before Arriving at Travel Destination is Good for the Mind and Pocketbook

DETROIT (Oct. 19, 2017) – Research shows that when it comes to happiness, experiences beat out things, even before purchasing either one. That’s because anticipation creates excitement, and it’s especially true when planning a vacation; a large part of the appeal of travel is dreaming about the people, food, places, and experiences yet to come.

CruiseCompete has made dreaming about and planning travel experiences easier, offering online tools to book land tour activities or shore excursions at substantially discounted rates prior to arriving at a selected destination. Experiences such as yacht racing in Antigua, a 4×4 Jeep Safari ride, ocean treasure hunting in Aruba, or private scuba lessons in the Bahamas are bookable online. These are just a few of the many exciting adventures to choose from, whether vacationing on land or at sea.

In addition to the excitement of dreaming and planning, there are also some very practical reasons to plan land tour activities and shore excursions before arrival at a destination:

1. Time is valuable. Booking ahead allows avoidance of standing in long lines at ship or hotel’s concierge to book land activities or shore excursions.

2. Land tours and shore excursions sell out, thus travelers miss out.

3. Looking at all possible options in advance allows you to weigh your options more fully. Cruise Compete links you to tour providers on every continent, in almost every county, and in many cities and destinations.

4. CruiseCompete’s excursion provider gives access to higher quality excursions at substantially lower prices.



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