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Cuba Set to Host TURNAT 2019 - 12th Nature Tourism Event

Toronto – September 11, 2019 – Taking place from September 24 to 29 in the South-Central region of Cuba, the 12th Event of Nature Tourism of Cuba, TURNAT 2019, is set to impress. The event, organized by the Ecotur Travel Agency of the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, has a clear objective of promoting Cuba as a destination of nature, adventure and rurality. 

Every year tourists and distinguished guests gather to a select city, town or municipality in Cuba to celebrate the most exciting aspects of the country’s ecosystem and natural attractions. This year the 12th annual Nature Tourism Event is taking place in multiple sites, including the municipality of Ciénaga de Zapata, the city of Cienfuegos and the 3rd oldest city in Cuba: the historic city of Trinidad. TURNAT 2019 will also coincide with International Tourism Day on September 27. TURNAT will include an opening day of conferences and a commercial exchange to give sponsors and donors an opportunity to display their nature tourism offers.

Those who purchase a package to participate in the tourism event will also be accommodated with a six-night stay in a local Cuban hotel. Participants will be placed in a select group and guided by a local expert. Depending on group placement, participants will learn the ins and outs of many wonderful nature related activities, including bird watching, diving, sport fishing, kayaking, trekking and more.

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About the Cuban Tourism Board

The Cuban Tourism Board represents Cuba internationally as a vacation destination. Known for the warmth and friendliness of its people, spectacular beaches and reliable climate, the Cuban Tourism Board is responsible for providing leadership and awareness of Cuba’s extensive tourism offerings. Not only does Cuba have some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean, but it is a destination rich in culture, history and leisure activities. The Cuban Tourism Board showcases the spirit of Cuba and the wonderful opportunities the country has to offer.  For more information, visit



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