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Cuba to Celebrate National Tourism Day Every November 20th

HAVANA, Dec 28 (ACN) Cuba’s Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero announced on Wednesday in Havana that the country will commemorate National Tourism Day every November 20th, starting in 2019 in recognition to all workers in the sector.

He explained during Wednesday’s televised Round Table program, that November 20th was selected because it was the day that the National Institute of the Tourism Industry was created.  The Cuban Tourism Minister also explained on the outcome of the sector during this past year and its future projections. Marrero highlighted that the Institute was marked with the Revolution’s intention of organizing and strengthening tourism development and recalled that the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro was heading the institution despite his responsibility as Prime Minister at the time. For this reason, he said, this is the date of revolutionary tourism and the sector will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year. He also commented that there are currently 108 thousand workers, 42 percent are women and 32 percent are under 35 years of age, while 21 percent are university graduates thanks to the opportunities of the Revolution. Marrero Cruz pointed out that 2019 will be a year of challenges for tourism.  Institutions have prepared a plan, not based on inefficiencies during 2018 but on the existing potential. He stressed that next year there will be five million 200 thousand visitors, meaning a growth of 7.4 percent and mentioned that hotel occupation and tourism earnings will also increase. The Tourism Minister affirmed that it will be a period of great movement, among other reasons, the actions that will be taken on the 500 th anniversary of Havana, International Tourism Fair and the broad investment process underway across the country.



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