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Curious About Livingstone & Victoria Falls in Zambia? Discover It In This Video

Zambia has a lot of variety, and one can't forget that a part of the magnificent Victoria Falls call Zambia home!

If you've thought about visiting this natural wonder or the fabled, adjacent city of Livingstone, but aren't sure about the tourism aspects that support such a visit, here's a terrific video to watch:

This program is produced by Brian Matambo, a local Zambian who has his finger on the pulse of trends in this country that he loves and has been touring and filming for a number of years.

Where to eat, where to stay and what to see are all covered, as well as the requisite safari and natural highlights. Although watching this will take a bit of the mystery out of things, a visitor is guaranteed to be delighted and awestruck by what little land-locked Zambia can offer.

The Livingstone episode is just under 20 minutes long, and is one of a planned series that showcases the many diverse offerings that a tourist can enjoy in Zambia.



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