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Discover Cuba's Tropical Cayo Largo del Sur

Just off Cuba’s southern coast lies the hidden island gem of Cayo Largo del Sur. Known for its long sandy beaches, rich wild life, and compelling history, this dynamic island is a true Caribbean highlight! Stunning beaches, like Playa Paraiso, Sirena Beach, and Playa Lindarena, set a new standard for sunbathing excellence. Nesting sea turtles, sharks, and barracudas captivate as they glide through the crystal blue waters.

Once a refuge for Christopher Columbus and countless pirate crews, the island is 25 km of incredible history in a picturesque package. Eager to learn more? In this newsletter, we explore all things Cayo Largo.

Take a plunge into adventure!

Swimmers, divers, and snorkelers won’t want to miss this! The International Diving Center Cayo Largo del Sur is a state-of-the-art diving and snorkelling facility. Embarking on a boat with 12 to 18 other divers and instructors, you’ll be led out to one of over 50 diving spots only 5-10 miles away from the Diving Center. There, you’ll satisfy your curiosity and plunge into the wonderous waters of the Caribbean Sea. Dive alongside incredible wildlife, including barracudas, mantas and a myriad of tropical fish. Swim through caves, grottos and colourful coral reefs. You’re sure to have an enriching experience at the International Diving Center. For further information on this magical experience, visit

Get out of your shell: Its time for some fun!

For millions of years, sea turtles have played a vital role in Cuba’s marine ecosystem. In recent years, human activity has begun to pose an existential threat to this graceful and gentle species. Climate change, habitat destruction, and industrial harvesting are just a few of the threats making the possibility of extinction a distinct reality. The Cayo Largo Turtle Farm has a very simple, yet very important mission: protect the endangered sea turtles in Cuba’s warm waters.

The team at the Cayo Largo Turtle Farm collects hundreds of eggs throughout the year from local beaches. These eggs are brought back to the farm for incubation, lasting a period of 45 days. Once the eggs hatch, the turtles are kept in the on-site pools, where visitors are welcome to take a closer look and learn about these incredible creatures. Visitors are even welcome to take part in the eventual release of the baby turtles back into the sea. Just last year alone, the Cayo Largo Turtle Farm collected, raised and released more than 20,000 hatchlings. For further information on this incredible cause, visit

A luxury four-star resort

Looking for an opulent escape to rest and indulge between adventures? Look no further than the Sol Cayo Largo! This all-inclusive, four-star luxury resort is a guaranteed hit! Featuring natural flora and wandering fauna, stunning beach front views, and delicious Cuban barbeque and buffet, the Sol Cayo Largo is your one-stop solution for an unforgettable stay. A world-class wellness center rounds out the amenities, leaving no question why this lush property is so highly regarded. For further information on the Sol Cayo Largo, visit

About the Cuba Tourist Board

The Cuba Tourist Board represents Cuba internationally as a vacation destination. Known for the warmth and friendliness of its people, spectacular beaches and reliable climate, the Cuba Tourist Board is responsible for providing leadership and awareness of Cuba’s extensive tourism offerings. Not only does Cuba have some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean but it is a destination rich in culture, history and leisure activities. The Cuba Tourist Board showcases the spirit of Cuba and the wonderful opportunities the country has to offer. For more information, visit



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