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Discover Egypt

ALEXANDRIA Founded in the year 332 BC by Alexander the Great, this city is still most famous for the legends of Cleopatra.


70 centuries of Egyptian history can be found here, with pyramids, capstones and 6000 exhibits that include the tombs of pharaohs like King Tut. Plan to spend a whole day at this comprehensive museum.

OBELISKS IN EGYPT Huge obelisks made of solid granite pose a mystery, as it would have been difficult to have worked with this stone thousands of years ago. The quarries at Aswan can be visited, and you can see the Unfinished Obelisk. Others reside at the Temple of Karnak.

PYRAMIDS OF GIZA Located within 2000 square meters, these pyramids are one of the 7 wonders of the world. Visitors can go for camel rides around the pyramids. Saqqara is another stepped pyramid with subterranean tombs loaded with hieroglyphics.

TEMPLES OF EGYPT The Temple of Edfu is the second largest temple after Karnak, and is one of the temples always visited on Nile cruises. Abu Simble was re-located when the Aswan Dam was built. It celebrates the reign of Ramses the Second.

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