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DJ Taz Rashid Offers Free Music for Streaming Yogis During Covid-19 Shelter in Place

Chicago, IL – DJ Taz Rashid, one of America’s top yoga DJs, and the programmer for Spotify’s Official Yoga Playlist of the Month, is pleased to announce an offering to the yoga community and the vast number of teachers who have moved online due to Covid-19 shelter in place orders that are keeping the majority of Americans homebound, free music to use for their Zoom, Skype, IG Story, and Facebook Live online classes.

If yogis are using streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, etc. to play music during their classes, they can use ANY of DJ Taz Rashid's music in their yoga classes in their FREE to the public live streaming yoga or meditation classes. Teachers can just play the music in the background of the class. Taz encourages them to share their playlists with their students as well

All of DJ Taz Rashid’s music on Spotify is at and on Apple Music at If yogis prefer to create their own playlists from downloads, Taz’s top songs can be downloaded from

In addition to offering free music, DJ Taz will share classes to his socials when teachers share on their social media and give credit. If teachers share on Instagram or Facebook and tag him under @djtazrashid, he will repost to his over 40k followers. He requests teachers add in the video description "Music used with permission by original artist DJ Taz Rashid” and to be sure to tag him at @djtazrashid. This will ensure that the social media networks will not mute the music or take the class down.

Taz notes, “this is such a challenging time for the entire yoga community between studios on hiatus, and festivals cancelling. I’ve had six cancellations and fully expect 10-20 more so I really relate to what my teaching brothers and sisters are dealing with. We hope this helps at least a little during this crazy time.” Like so many yogis he’s moved his own work online and his schedule is at

If teachers are offering yoga and meditation class videos on paid platforms, or on-demand classes for sale, Taz is offering discounted rates for sync rights for these classes as well. Teachers interested in using his music for paid classes should email to discuss.



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