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Europe’s Must-See Cultural Festivals Include Spain, Italy and Hungary

Travelling around Europe and want to hear more about the best events? We’ve collated our favourite selection of must-see cultural European festivals. Don’t worry if you’ve missed one though, most events take place on an annual basis – so there’s always next year! Some of the biggest outdoor cultural European festivals are hosted in, you guessed it; Europe.

Take a peek at our festival recommendations below:

La Tomatina

Since 1945, the tomato battle has been in aid of the fight amongst children, and has been celebrated ever since. It’s help on the last Wednesday in August in the old town of Bunol, Spain. The usual celebration brings crowds of people together year on year. For those seeking a great time full of fun and laughter (and don’t mind tomato juice), La Tomatina is an event to not be missed.

Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice takes place each year between the 11th and 28th February – just before the six week Catholic religious observance of Lent. It gives local residents and visitors the opportunity to dress up and parade down the streets of Venice in the most exquisite costumes. As well as street parades, there are a number of theatrical events, masked balls and shows to look forward to.

San Fermin

The festival of San Fermin lasts for no longer than a week in July and is hosted in the city of Pamplona. The celebrations commence at noon on the 6th and come to an end at midnight on the 14th. The festival is home to many traditional evens including the running of the bulls. It’s a mixture of a carnival, party and generally having have fun.

Stars of the White Nights Festival

The festival begins near to the end of May with the “Stars of the White Nights” at the Mariinsky Theatre where some of the best opera and ballet is performed before it ends on 28th July and is considered to be one of the top ten best music festivals worldwide. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of St. Petersburg amongst local residents. Enjoy the experience like the locals by eating ice-cream, watching the Neva Bridge parting, wandering the streets of the city and dancing all night long.

Fiesta de San Isidro

The festivities of San Isidro, Madrid, commence every year on 15th May which is the day of San Isidro. San Isidro is one of the most popular celebrated holidays Madrid has to offer. The traditional festival provides local residents and visitors the opportunity to experience the most authentic customs. Expect to find concerts and street parades throughout the city centre and people dancing all over the city.

Sziget Festival

The Sziget Festival is a multi-genre festival help every August in Budapest, Hungary. Now recognised as one of Europe’s most fantastic iconic music festivals there’s something everyone can enjoy whether it’s EDM, house, techno or pop music. The week-long festival brings the world’s biggest artists to one place including the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Major Lazer and The Chainsmokers. With more than 1,000 performances and activities to get involved in throughout the week, it more than just a festival experience.



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