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GENERAL OVERVIEW OF FRANCE Most of France’s famous landmarks are in Paris, an architectural wonderland, with extraordinary buildings such as The Louvre complementing the city’s green spaces. The Palace of Versaille, medieval towns, Roman ruins, charming towns and recreational respites in the mountains near Italy combine to create the banquet of enjoyments to be found in France.

SIGHTSEEING IN PARIS Stop first at one of Paris’ many information centers to best navigate the city charmed with icons such as the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde and Notre Dame Cathedral. Many highlights can be viewed from a cruise along the Seine River. The Louvre is one of the world’s great art galleries, and nearby Jardin de Tuilleries provides a natural retreat. The city of much joi de vivre has numerous accommodation options and a vivacious nightlife.

TRANSPORTATION IN PARIS Highways are great, but driving in the city of Paris is a crazy thing to contemplate, mainly due to congestion and parking challenges. Guided open air bus tours and Seine River cruises touch on major landmarks and local bus service is good. Mopeds and bicycles are popular, but the best way to get around is using the Paris Metro, the city’s affordable and easy-to-understand subway system.

CAMPING IN PARIS There is a campground in Paris that is so close to the city, you can see the Eiffel Tower from there. Bois de Bologne campground is located near a subway stop for easy access into the city, and a dedicated bus transports campers to & from the stop every half hour. With accommodation for large campervans and tents alike, as well as offering trailers and small cottages for rent, every service & amenity is available here.

VERSAILLES 40 miles from Paris and with a population of 88,000 people, Versailles is most known for its opulent Palace or Chateau de Versailles that dates from the 17th century. It has become a benchmark for European palaces and the basis of French classical architecture. The Treaty of versailles was signed here in 1919, but is more closely associated with the sumptuous rooms & gardens of King Louis 1Vth.

THE COUNTRYSIDE OF FRANCE There is a healthy agriculture that helps to create the cuisine for which France is renowned. A beach & marina dimension clings to the Mediterranean side, part of the country is mountainous, and heritage cities like Perouges are gems to discover. Near Lyon, Perouges is a medieval village that has been restored and it’s old crafts revived.

NICE, MONACO AND THE FRENCH RIVIERA Nice is a popular port for Mediterranean cruises. Flower markets and artists decorate the winding lanes with historical sites not far away. Cannes is also seaside & considered exotic because of the prestige of itsannual film festival. Monaco is better known for its gossipworthy royal family and casino culture, while nearby Eze clings to a hillside with dramatic views and unique shops.

TRANSPORTATION IN FRANCE Toll charges can be unexpectedly high on the highways of France. The scenic roadways are well kept and well marked, snaking easily through challenging geological conditions, including numerous tunnels underneath mountains. The tolls help provide exceptional roadside comforts, and camping is allowed at service stations that are well equipped for the traveler. France is also well organized for cycling, giving rise to the annual Tour de France.



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