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Bavaria Celebrates 100 Long Years of being a Free State in 2018

(Bavaria, GERMANY – January 2018)   The “Myth of Bavaria,” commemorates Minister-President Kurz Eisner’s 1918 proclamation which created the Free State of Bavaria, kicks off in 2018 with a celebration of events throughout the year throughout the region. The Bavarian State Exhibition in Ettal Abbey is the premier event, which honors Bavaria’s distinctive landscape and culture, rooted deep in its history and predating the Republic. The celebrations continue throughout Bavaria, inviting guests to experience Bavaria’s famed hospitality and immerse themselves in the history of the region known for its 19th-century castles and palaces, eccentric king, foothills, and many traditions and customs that create a distinctive regional history.

Photo – Ettal Abbey© Krautbauer

“Forests, Mountains and Royal Dreams” – an Exhibit Celebrating the “Myth of Bavaria”

From May 3-November 4, the Bavarian state exhibition “Forests, Mountains and Royal Dreams – the Myth of Bavaria, is set in Ettal Abbey in the heart of the Ammergauer Alps. The exhibit examines Bavaria across the world and invites visitors to follow on a journey through time with Bavaria’s typical customs and unique natural surroundings explained through custom and legend. The journey is staged through a series of exhibits, concerts, lectures, films, tastings and excursions, using professionally created stage sets and landscape panoramas to transport visitors. Included is the legendary story of the “fairy-tale king” Ludwig II who, during his reign from 1864 to 1886, withdrew from reality to live in his own dream world.

In addition to recounting history, the exhibition aims to raise awareness of the natural world. For Dr. Margot Hamm, project leader, it is important “that our landscape is preserved, that we treat it with care and continue to value it – not just as a holiday destination but also as a thing of beauty and creation.”

Following the Trail of the History of the Free State across Bavaria

On February 15, the Pinakothek der Moderne Museum in Munich will stage an exhibit about Housing, Architecture and Interior Design in Bavaria 1918–2018.

The splendor of traditional Bavarian costumes is also being fêted in a summer festival on July 20-21 at the Trachtenverein (Society for Traditional Costumes) in Schwangau in Allgäu. Later in the year, on the second Sunday of October, Schwangau will be the setting for more than 200 horseback riders in traditional costumes on magnificently groomed horses to usher in the “Colomansfest,” a traditional horseback procession dating from the 16th century.

Bavaria – Traditionally Different

The roots of Bavaria, which have made the Free State what it is today, also play a big role at BAVARIA TOURISM. What are the origins of the traditions still in existence today? How are they brought to life in the modern era? What characteristics are typically Bavarian? What gives that special sense of Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”?


BAVARIA TOURISM is the official marketing company for the Bavarian tourism and leisure industry. Under the umbrella brand Bayern®, the company offers the entire range of tourism services in the Free State of Bavaria. All marketing activities run under the umbrella brand claim.

“Bavaria – traditionally different”. The main focus here is the communication of authentic stories about Bavarian personalities and their way of life. They show Bavaria in a traditional yet modern light, and embody the distinctiveness of Bavaria as a travel destination.



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