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Hamilton's Legacy Endures In Philadelphia

Freedom fighter, statesman, financial genius, adulterer. These are the impressions Alexander Hamilton has left on his Broadway-based fans. But the sites and exhibits in Philadelphia, especially in the city’s Historic District, prove there’s plenty more to the real Hamilton. The National Constitution Center’s exhibit, Hamilton: The Constitutional Clashes That Shaped a Nation, highlights the competing ideas of Hamilton and his rivals.

At the Museum of the American Revolution, 2019 is the “Year of Hamilton,” complete with rare artifacts from Hamilton and his family, special readings, performances and events. August 2019 brings multi-Tony-winner Hamilton to the historic Forrest Theatre for a three-month run—the musical’s first time in Philadelphia.

Here are the Philadelphia sites where Hamilton shaped his—and America’s—legacy.

The four pages that are the foundation of American government wouldn’t have come about without the influence of Alexander Hamilton. Life-size bronze statues of him and the other signers of the U.S. Constitution are on display at the National Constitution Center.

Credit: Photo courtesy of the National Constitution Center



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