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GENERAL OVERVIEW OF HOLLAND Wooden shoes, tulips, Dutch cheese, and windmills are synonymous with the Netherlands. Windmills are still an integral part of Holland’s picturesque landscape. Amsterdam’s series of canals are an enduring image, diamond cutting is exceptional, artists like Rembrandt thrived here, and the Red Light District is unique in the world.

AMSTERDAM VIDEO Holland’s cultural capital with less than a million people, Amsterdam is surprisingly busy. Islands and canals create the city’s trademark images, and buildings from the 14th to the 18th centuries add enormous character. Flanked by a palace and churches, Amsterdam Square is busy, surrounded by historical streets laced with markets, shops and trendy cafés. If you want to make sure that you would be able to maximize your holiday in this wonderful city, it is best to know the most accessible routes to and from different tourist destinations. You may want to watch Amsterdam transportation videos and be acquainted with the most efficient modes of moving from one place to another. This will certainly allow you to make the most of your vacation here.

GETTING AROUND AMSTERDAM Central Station is the city’s main transportation hub where you’ll find detailed tourist information, making getting around way less intimidating. With 70 islands and 80 kilometers of canals connected by more than a thousand bridges, Amsterdam is scenic. Bikes & blades are ideal modes of transport here, and can be brought on the subway except at peak times. Trams & trains round out the many traveling options.

HEMP, SOFT DRUGS AND “COFFEE SHOPS” Limited marijuana consumption is legal in Holland and is served at hundreds of coffee shops in the country, listed on the menu along with beverages and snacks. Drug related paraphernalia is widely available, and non-hallucinagetic hemp products have become popular also, especially manifested at the hemp Hotel, where everything is made from hemp.

THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT With origins in the 17th century when sailors that landed in the port here sought comfort at local brothels, the Red Light District is today still an enigma. It’s quite a tourist attraction where travelers can feel safe, as long as they’re not taking any pictures.

HOSTELS IN HOLLAND For youthful and budget conscious travelers, Holland offers many options. Some 38 youth hostels are open to anyone carrying a youth hostel card, and hundreds of campgrounds are sprinkled around the country. A campsite for tents, campervans and with cottages is located right in Amsterdam and does brisk business, with its own bus stop linking to Central Station.

DIAMONDS Known as “the City of Diamonds,” Amsterdam has a proud history of diamond cutting that dates back to 1586. One million visitors annually tour various diamond factories to see how they’re cut and polished, as well as selecting from the wondrous gemstones.

DUTCH CUISINE Locally grown produce dictates the choices of chefs in Holland. Some of the world’s finest cheeses are produced here, and Dutch beer and gin are highly prized. A lovely sidewalk café ambiance prevails in warmer months, fast food chains are all present, and the famous Five Flies Restaurant offers authentic Dutch selections fashioned from local organic produce, while featuring original Rembrandt etchings on the walls.



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