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BET SHE’AN One of the greatest archeological digs has been underway here since the 1920’s. The city was laid to waste by an earthquake, and it constantly yields fascinating artifacts. Nearby is Ceasaria.

CHRISTIAN TOURS The Sea of Galilee is a popular touring place for Christian groups, as are Tiberius and Galilee. Religion can be experienced right at its roots. Baptisms continue to take place in the Jordan River. So many sacred sites can be found in Jerusalem.

THE DEAD SEA At the lowest point in the Jordan Valley, the waters here are known for their curative powers. People are quite buoyant as they float on the Dead Sea, and the salts have restorative properties. Many spas have sprung up in this area, such as at Ein Gedi where hot springs are sought after.

JERUSALEM Around 5000 years old with over half a million people, it is a holy place for a third of the world’s population. A many layered city, there is a wide range of accommodation in a mild climate.



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