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The Jordan Trail Featured in ‘Epic Trails

Heliconia is proud to announce that production for their new series, Epic Trails, has just wrapped. The half-hour, premiere episode follows show host, Eric Hanson, as he travels along the Jordan Trail by foot—a 400-mile trail offering 40 days of hiking and connecting over 50 villages and towns through the heart of Jordan

“We traveled Jordan from North to South along the incredible Jordan Trail; affording us what can only be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the rich diversity and beauty of this country,” explains Hanson. “Exploring the many regions touched by the Jordan Trail more than exceeded my expectations and it was truly special for all of us on so many levels.”

“It was an honor to be approached by Heliconia for Jordan to be the host country for the premiere episode of Epic Trails,” says Deputy Director of the Jordan Tourism Board, North America, Janine Jervis. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I hope will entice travelers to come and capture the generosity of the Jordanian people and their eagerness to make all visitors feel welcome.”

Epic Trails will air on Outside TV and will follow Eric Hanson on his adventures around the globe in search of the world’s top trails.

About Epic Trails

Epic Trails is an exciting and inspiring adventure travel TV series that follows host, Eric Hanson, as he explores the people, places, and adventures surrounding the world’s top trails. The 30-minute premiere episode begins airing on Outside TV in summer 2017.

About Heliconia Productions

Heliconia is an award-winning video production company that specializes in outdoor productions. For 20 years Heliconia has helped industry-leading brands, and some of the world’s top tourism authorities, communicate their marketing message in a unique, inspiring, and cost-effective way. Heliconia offers custom video production services and produces seven unique television series which air on such networks as Sportsman Channel, FOX Sports, Outside Television, Nautical Channel and World Fishing Network. Heliconia is also a leader in online video productions, with over 200,000 YouTube subscribers and 50 million views.



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