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Kontiki - Unveiling Ecuador's Underwater Wonders: Humpback Whales

Ecuador, located in the northwest region of South America,

offers a unique and captivating sight for nature enthusiasts

and adventure seekers. One of the most remarkable

experiences in this picturesque country is witnessing the

astonishing presence of humpback whales along its Pacific


Every year, humpback whales embark on an extraordinary

migration from their feeding grounds in the cold waters of

the Antarctic to the warm, tropical waters near Ecuador,

particularly in Isla de la Plata and Machalilla National Park

located on the mainland.

Humpback Whales' Seasonal Return

Ecuador is considered one of the world's

prime destinations for humpback whale

watching. From June to October, these

gentle giants migrate to the Pacific

Ocean near the Ecuadorian coast.

seeking breeding and calving grounds.

Marvels Of Marine Migration

These magnificent creatures well known

for their remarkable long-distance

migrations travel approximately 8,000

kilometers, offering during their grand

journey an awe-inspiring spectacle for

locals and tourists alike.




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