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Little Canada in Toronto is an Adventure Like No Other

Little Canada is a celebration of all things Canada. It’s a unique journey of discovery through the sights and sounds of the great country of Canada in miniature scale.

Their promise is to take you on an adventure unlike any other, a uniquely Canadian visit to a vast land with a small-town feel. A place that will unleash your childlike sense of wonder, discovery and curiosity.

There’s so much of Little Canada to explore that it’s hard to do all in one day. With your own Little Canada Annual Passport, you can visit 364 days of the year! Along with unlimited access, you’ll receive great perks such as discounts to the Little Bites Café, Little Things gift shop and the Littlization Station.

The cutest thing is that you can get yourself scanned and have a miniature of yourself placed within the display!

The Little Canada Story

Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, an immigrant to Canada, began learning all of the wonderful things about Canada when he would help his children with their school projects. He loved experiencing the wonder of his new country through their eyes.

Inspired by a visit to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, Jean-Louis began to develop a vision for a similar miniature world in Canada. In 2011, encouraged by two of his mentors to follow his heart and pursue his passion, Jean-Louis quit his job and turned his full attention to fulfilling his dream of building a miniature Canada.

Recognizing the need to partner with like-minded individuals who could help bring his vision to life, Jean-Louis sent out emails to various model railway clubs in the GTA and Hamilton area.

One of the responses he received was from Dave MacLean, a University of Toronto-educated civil engineer and two-term president of The Model Railroad Club of Toronto. More importantly, Dave had been a model enthusiast since the age of three, and had built dozens of model railroads for private, institutional and corporate clients.

The two quickly realized their shared passion and vision, and the rest is history. Today, with a team of talented individuals, experts in their respective field, and thousands of working hours, their dream is coming to life.


10 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON, M5B 2G9

647-578-HOME (4663)




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