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Los Cabos Does Wellness with Natural Remedies and Folk Healing

Ever since celebrities from Hollywood first began flocking to Los Cabos, it has become a top vacation getaway for both North American and International travellers. Whether it’s the incredible weather, gourmet food and drink, abundant activities and more, the crown jewel of the Baja Peninsula always seems to deliver! When we are able to travel, there are some world-class wellness experiences that await you that can help restore your spirits. Here is a sampling: 

Hidden off the beaten path, the naturally formed thermal springs of Los Cabos offer true relaxation and healing! The Los Cabos we know today was created by thousands of years of volcanic eruptions and seismic activity. The low level remaining volcanic activity that is active today helps heat the natural springs by shooting currents of bubbling hot water up from the earth to fill the thermal pools! Known to locals as early as 1900, the large spring at East Cape was the first hot spring discovered in the area. Since then, many more hot springs have been found, transformed and utilized, including “El Chorro Hot Springs,” “Santa Rita Hot Spring,” “San Jorge Hot Spring,” “the Natural Hot Springs of El Sargento,” to name a few. To learn more and potentially visit one of these incredibly relaxing natural wonders, feel free to visit


Cascada Sol de Mayo Waterfall located outside the village of Santiago is just one of the natural wonders awaiting intrepid vacationers in Los Cabos. The hike down to this natural oasis will take you through stunning canyon views and colourful vegetation, leading to a 25 ft jump and a shared experience you’ll never forget! The five-dollar entry fee will grant you access to the refreshing pool and breathtaking waterfall surrounded by the natural granite rock formations. Local tour companies offer guided tours of the surrounding area with experienced guides leading the excursion to the waterfall and an in-depth discussion on the local wildlife and flora and fauna. For further information on this one of a kind experience, you can visit:


Many local traditional treatments are available to visitors seeking restoration and healing in Los Cabos. Many of these healing arts that predate history are still practised and can be found at some of Los Cabos finest hotels and resort. Derived from generations of indigenous ancestors passing down ancient healing rituals, these wellness packages can offer an alternative solution for those hoping for relief from chronic afflictions. Try a therapeutic steam bath therapy, mixed in with local medicinal herbs, medicines, incense and indigenous music, to help soothe the body, mind and spirit. Or join trained expert Raúl Retana, a local healer, and enter into a sage and herb smoke-filled room to experience a unique deep tissue massage, combining traditional medicines and a series of magnets to enhance the overall impact. Immerse yourself in ancient Mexican remedies with a copal and herb smoke bath and a refreshing sea salt and herb exfoliating foot wash. Or relax completely with a warm body wrap made from medicinal, aromatic herbs and freshly harvested Aloe Vera. Follow that up with an unbelievable deep body massage, a replenishing moisturizing face treatment and a delicious local cactus root tea! You may never want to leave Los Cabos! For further information on the exclusive One&Only Palmilla healing packages, visit


Authentic Mexican folk healing and wellness therapies, provide a unique approach to cleansing and purging toxins. A Herbal energy cleans, and a mud wrap (consisting of a mix of local Baja plants) can help to release anti-inflammatory properties. Finish that with a magical detoxifying massage. Or bathe in some of Baja’s most exceptional flavours? Caress your skin in a coconut scrub or mango and aloe wrap with a scalp treatment and a honey facial mask. Relax with a pure coconut oil full body massage. Need some help recovering from a long day in the sun? Try organic mineral algae to cool and soothe your sun-damaged skin! Mind, Body and Spirit feeling a little out of balance? Enter into weightless and meditative states in the warm waters of “Janzu therapy” or try mixing the physical touch of massage and the energy of sound in the “art of sound therapy.” Utilizing all these various harmonious ancient techniques and combining them with modern technology, the many wellness teams located in Los Cabos can pinpoint sore areas that cause you stress and help bring balance to the body. Wellness is and always will be a priority in Los Cabos! For further information on the amazing healing packages available to you, visit

About Los Cabos Los Cabos, located at the tip of the 1,000 mile-long Baja Peninsula, is one of the world's most diverse tourism destinations. Boasting a dramatic desert backdrop nestled by coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos is home to award-winning resorts and culinary offerings considered some of the finest available anywhere. A growing list of championship golf courses, rejuvenating spas, world-renowned sport fishing tournaments and state of the art convention facilities add to the destination's unmatched appeal. For more information, images and videos from Los Cabos, please visit,



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