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Meet Sir Roland Richardson - St. Martin’s Very Own Bob Ross

Armed with his signature straw hat, a palette, and a smile, Sir Roland Richardson has brought the light, life, and joy of the Caribbean to canvas for almost half a century. Born on St. Martin to a family whose French Caribbean heritage dates back to the 1700's, the globally celebrated Sir Roland has long made it his mission to share the enchanting qualities and character of the Caribbean with the world at large. He reveals his exotic, luminescent subjects by painting pictures exclusively “en Plein Air”, preserving the impressionist tradition by working amidst the natural landscapes he captures.

Sir Roland Richardson, courtesy of Roland Richardson Art Gallery, St. Martin

Sir Roland has been characterized as the “Father of Caribbean Impressionism.” Despite this reputation, he is a multifaceted master of diverse mediums including oil, water, pastel drawing in charcoal and extensive fine print making. Recognized by scholars around the world, Sir Roland has been profiled in publications that include the New York Times, the Washington Post, Elle, American Airlines Latitudes, Robb Report, Caribbean Travel & Life, and Island Magazine. His work has been enjoyed and appreciated by patrons that include the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Romare Bearden, Marth Graham, Harry Belafonte, Susan Lucci, former Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke, and the Getty Family. On the topic of his muse, Sir Roland has said, “The entire region of the Caribbean is blessed with a warm, glorious light manifesting in myriad, vibrant color. This environment enchants, envelops, nourishes, and transforms all who are bathed in it. Here colour reveals qualities of its interior self that elsewhere are subtle and only hinted at. No wonder that Paradise is still thought to be in this part of the world.” It is through the efforts of Sir Roland and a growing cohort of Caribbean impressionists that distinctly Caribbean art now touches points all over the world, bringing a greater cultural and environmental awareness to a region whose story may be unfamiliar to many. Sir Roland’s unflinchingly positive outlook and style continue to ensure that this story is one of hope and inspiration - that the world might come to love and cherish the natural wonders of the Caribbean as he has.

About St. Martin St. Martin is a charming, scenically beautiful island. It’s the smallest territory to be shared between two nations (France and The Netherlands), and home to over a hundred different nationalities and cultures. Surrounded by both the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, this small 88 square kilometer island is a paradise for beach lovers. Being the undisputed capital of gastronomy, St. Martin not only offers a blend of traditional French cuisine, but as well innovative gourmet cuisine from around the world. With its lavish, unspoiled landscapes and idyllic beaches, St. Martin embodies the true spirit of vacation. This “Friendly Island’’, as it’s often referred to, is bursting with treasures for gourmets, hikers, adventures and dreamers alike.

From hotels to resorts to boutique properties to beautiful villas, St. Martin’s hilly topography ensures beautiful views from the hills as well as on its beautiful shores. It’s vibrant setting and tropical climate pleasantly cooled by trade winds year-round makes this island your ideal destination, whether you wish to relax, explore or get active, alone, with a loved one, family or friends. Here, you’ll find all the right ingredients from an unforgettable stay on one of the most enchanting islands of the Caribbean. Website:



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