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PUERTO VALLARTA The beaches of Puerto Vallarta have been sought after ever since Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton chose the area to stage their famous romance in 1963. The neighborhood has expanded to include nearby beaches. Beach life, art and Mexican culture continue to be authentically celebrated.

MAYAN AREA Mayan villages are simple and much like they have been for centuries. Life is cosmopolitan in cities like Merida. Many Mayan tours emanate from the cities in the Yucatan Peninsula.

PYRAMIDS IN MEXICO Cholula’s pyramid dates back to 600 AD and is actually larger than the ones in Egypt and is buried and was built over many times. Palenque is another fabulous site, showing the reign of Lord Shield Pacal. Uxmal features purely Mayan design, and the pyramids at Chichen Itza are the most popular.

TULA A complex of ruins from between the 9th and 12th centuries, showing Toltec history. Famous for its statues known as the Atlantean Man. This statue is depicted the most in local souvenirs.



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