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New Diamond Circle Touring Route Opening in North Iceland

Harry S. Johnson, September 2, 2020 15:28: Iceland’s Tourism announced that on Sunday, the Diamond Circle, a new touring route in North Iceland will formally open. The Diamond Circle route connects some of Iceland’s most spectacular sites, such as Goðafoss waterfall, Mývatn lake, Dettifoss waterfall, Ásbyrgi canyon, and the town of Húsavík. Officially opening on 6th September 2020, the Diamond Circle new touring route, with newly built roads, will allow explorers to visit the circuit’s five key attractions and spectacular landscapes in one loop.

A magnificent 250km circuit in northern Iceland, the Diamond Circle includes some of the picturesque Goðafoss, the moonlike blue and green landscapes of Lake Mývatn, the impressive energy of Dettifoss the most powerful waterfall in Europe, the crescent-shaped wonder of Ásbyrgi canyon and Húsavík the buzzing whale capital of Iceland.

Exploring the Diamond Circle allows visitors to leave the well-traveled routes and go off the beaten track to discover some of the more remote wonders of Iceland stopping along the way to take in the sights. Travelers can decide how long to spend exploring the Diamond Circle from a simple day trip or a longer weekend break to perfect the art of leisurely travel.



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