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Peru is Open to the World Again

Last Monday the Peruvian Government modified the 14-day quarantine which was mandatory for all international travelers arriving in Peru. Now, this biosecurity protocol is replaced by having a negative antigen test upon arrival to Peru. However, for travelers having a positive test they will be obliged to keep quarantine.

Flights from Europe are also allowed to arrive in Peru again, however, some destinations such as the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil are still banned. Also, for domestic flight within Peru the molecular or antigen test will no longer be necessary.

As of March 01st, the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu re-opened its door again under 40% of its capacity, meaning that 897 visitors will be able to enter the citadel again per day. Also, the visit to the historic Sanctuary will be only possible, following strict biosecurity protocols like the mandatory use of mask, a social distancing between visitors and groups. Moving forward…

Following Machu Picchu re-opening, Museums, restaurants, Natural reserves, and archaeological sites were also re-opened under reduced capacity, following strict biosecurity protocols so their visitors can enjoy these important places that are part of the tourist circuits when visiting this millennial destination.




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