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Puerto Rico Is Once Again Open For Tourism

The President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association, Clarisa Jiménez, informed today that Puerto Rico is opened for business and ready to continue receiving tourists, even though the recent seismic movements the southwest part of the Island experienced in recent days.

“We certainly have been through some days of movements in the southwest region. However, hotels, airports, ports, tourist attractions and restaurants, among others, in the rest of Puerto Rico, are open and ready to receive visitors”, Jiménez explained. “Our hearts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters from the southwest region of the Island. We are saddened to see this situation, but we are completely sure that once again we will rise from this difficult moment’, she added.

“We want to encourage all visitors to go to,,  to access a daily travel update and the Q&A on this situation”, the executive concluded.

The Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association is the organization that represents the private tourism sector in Puerto Rico. Founded in 1950, the Association has over 400 corporate members, among them large, medium, and small hotels; restaurants; Airlines; and other businesses that serve the Puerto Rico tourism industry.



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