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Remote and Homey Accommodations in Lithuania: Finding Nature Shelter for Winter Getaway

January 25, 2022. According to the recent American Express Survey, 76% of respondents choose investment on well-being-focused travel, and 55% prefer to pay extra for such services and activities.

The benefits of spending time in nature — such as an improvement of mental and physical health — are clear in the post-pandemic world as many travelers look for a complete immersion in nature. Wellness and nature travel is becoming one of the new strong trends.

Lithuania has a broad range of unique destinations for nature seekers, offering a perfect escape during the winter season — authentic cabins, hidden in forests; a variety of lakefront accommodations to enjoy the calming effect of water; or stylish and comfortable modern architecture buildings which present a contrast to the greenery.

Disconnect in a forest cabin

A nesting-box type of accommodation, or a cabin in the forest, can provide the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. One such nesting-box, called EtnoHut, was primarily designed as a personal architectural project, as tiny as possible, but compact enough to fit and provide comfort for two occupants. The creative ambition has turned into a popular choice of travelers, seeking to feel the power and contrast of the space with nature — the tiny abode is fenced in 50 acres of dense forest.

Heading further to the northeast of the country, there is the largest Regional Park in Lithuania — Labanoras forest with massive pine trees and lakes that are hidden away among them. InWoods Inkilas is a homey well-equipped hut, hidden in the heart of the forest. Visitors here are invited to immerse into the soul-touching experience — Japanese Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy, known for its calming neuro-psychological effects evoked by the distinct forest scent and rustling tree sounds.

Wintery lake experience

Those dreaming to be near the water can choose The Lake — a spacious modern four-bedroom villa, situated on the winding lake Siesartis, also located in the Labanoras Regional Park. The villa has an open-concept interior including wall-length windows and a terrace facing the panoramic lake, making it an ideal place for family or friends to enjoy the winterly nature.

Turning towards the Lithuanian seaside, 10km from the port city of Klaipėda, there is an isolated little 20sq m cabin called Rest in Forest. An extraordinary lake, popular for its emerald-colored water, is situated only 60m away, and for those missing the waves, it takes less than 30 min to drive to the Melnragės Molas pier to hear the sound of the raging Baltic sea.

Renaissance in today’s accommodations

An architectural solution that is becoming popular for remote nature accommodations is the so-called A-frame buildings. One hour drive from Vilnius, the capital, there is the aesthetically-pleasing DOYOU PLACE. Minimalistically-designed A-frame cabins and saunas, surrounded by trees and full of light, bring the forest into the interior space. According to the owners, the aim is to create a holistic concept of landscape and architecture by maintaining the greenery.

Another triangular forest house Miško Namelis is located in Druskininkai — the SPA town, known for mineral water baths and curative mud. Using sustainable materials, Miško Namelis was rebuilt by maintaining the original design details of the previous house. The location of this cabin gives visitors easy access to all the surrounding SPAs, mineral water pools, mud baths, forest walks, and more.

Most of these getaway accommodations welcome guests all year round, and emphasize safety as a priority. For the latest COVID-19 requirements and more information about Lithuania please visit:


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