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'Returnees' - Resource Site Launched to Help Relocate to Ghana!

Cultural heritage tourism specialist Adrienne Cooke of New York, has partnered with Alfred Mensah of Ghana to create a valuable Africa- African Diaspora resource tool designed to assist people who are interested in moving to Ghana. Their new venture appropriately name “Returnees” is a YouTube site for cultural enthusiasts, tourists, and anyone who wants to learn about Ghana. The main objective of Returnees is to assist anyone interested in relocating to Ghana. But travelers looking to just visit and explore the tantalizing African country should check out "Returnees" also.

What is a Returnee? A person who returns to a place after a long absence is a returnee. Many black people from the Diaspora who are descendants from ancestors who were taken away forcibly are returning back to Africa after 400 years. In 2019, over 788,000 people of African descent in the Diaspora visited Ghana. This was after an invitation from president Nana Akufo-Addo, current president of Ghana lodged a campaign to invite them to return to Ghana for the 400th to celebrate 400th anniversary of the beginning of slavery that began in August 1619.

Why Ghana?

A West African country situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is one of the leading countries of Africa. This is due partly to its considerable natural wealth, its vibrant cultural heritage and because it was the first black African country south of the Sahara to gain its independence from colonial rule in 1957. Ghana is now an example of successful economic recovery and political reform in Africa. Visitors can enjoy Accra, Ghana’s booming capital which is one of the safest, most navigable and most interesting cities in Africa. The downtown area is bustling with shops, handicrafts, hotels, restaurants and celebratory events and a wide range of activities.  From its many festivals, authentic cuisine and slave castle tours, to the beautiful landscapes and countryside wonders, Ghana has something for everyone!

The "Returnees" site is timely because returning to Ghana is what many African descendants are indeed doing. Some are looking to escape the socio-political climate in the US, and feel that being a “Returnee” fits their needs and expectations for lifestyles they want. There are people of African descent from all around the globe who are interested in relocating to Ghana. Many world-class travelers are visiting Ghana just to experience the richness of all that it has to offer. The Returnees site tells the story of Ghana by recording activities, highlighting the returning of individuals, and by sharing insights about organizations, businesses and opportunities in Ghana. Returnees explores the cultural heritage and livelihood of Ghana. Please join us by visiting our website for up-to-date information and exciting adventures of this lively country that is opening its arms to the Diaspora, Africa and the rest of the world!

Kitty Pope

African Diaspora Tourism



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