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San Felipé, Baja California, Mexico, Inaugurates a Peace Park on its 97th Birthday

February 5, 2022, San Felipe B.C., Mexico: To add to the celebration of the occasion of the 97th birthday of the city of San Felipé on February 5th, a Peace Park was dedicated at the city’s most dynamic landmark, Los Arcos. The International Institute for Peace Through Tourism and the City of San Felipé joined with dignitaries and the people of an Felipé to celebrate this special anniversary event. Recently, San Felipé became the 7th Municipality of Baja, California, which is cause for more celebration.

Mayor José Luis Dagnino Lopez of San Felipé , Bea Broda and Martin Romo C

Competing with strong gusts of wind, the inaugural Peace Park event kicked off at 11:00 AM on the upper level of Los Arcos, the monument located at the entrance of the city. Mayor José Luis Dagnino Lopez of San Felipé spoke, along with Bea Broda, who is an Ambassador of IIPT (The International Institute of Peace through Tourism) to highlight the city’s commitment to peace.

The inauguration of the Peace Park was also attended by the President of Congress of Baja California, Juan Manuel Molina, who also spoke. Two fifth grade students (Tirado Flores Aylin Nitchel and Fajardo Ulloa Valentina) from the Sonrise Christian Academy recited poems they had written about peace, and two folkloric dances were performed by Ballet Flor Naranjo. Representatives of various municipal branches such as the police and fire departments, the Rotary and Lions Clubs and others.

Ballet Flor Naranjo at Los Arcos

Capping off the event was the ceremonial planting of an indigenous Neem tree and placement of a plaque designating San Felipé as a city that will nurture the growth of peace, tolerance and understanding at home and throughout the world, and enhance awareness of a community’s commitment to peace, inclusiveness, a healthy environment and sustainability. It is meant to dedicate a common ground for members of the community to come together in celebration of Mexico’s people, land, and heritage; the future of all humankind and our common home, planet earth.

The San Felipé Los Arcos Peace Park is meant to be “a place of reflection on our connectedness to one another as a global Family and to the earth of which we are all a part.”




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