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San Felipé, Baja California, To Inaugurate a Peace Park

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

January 28, 2022, San Felipe B.C., Mexico: To add to the celebration of the occasion of the 97th birthday of the city of San Felipé on February 5th, a Peace Park will be dedicated at the city’s most dynamic landmark. The International Institute for Peace through Tourism and the City of San Felipé invite you to join them at Los Arcos for this special anniversary event. Recently, San Felipé became the 7th Municipality of Baja, California, which is cause for more celebration.

The inaugural Peace Park event kicks off at 11:00 AM on the upper level of Los Arcos, the monument located at the entrance of the city. Mayor José Luis Dagnino Lopez of San Felipé will join Bea Broda, an Ambassador of IIPT (The International Institute of Peace through Tourism) to highlight the city’s commitment to peace, and will be joined by women’s dance troupe, Ballet Flor Naranjo, a musician, a poet, and community leaders that will express their excitement for the future of San Felipé.

PHOTO: Ballet Flor Naranjo

Capping off the event will be the ceremonial planting of an indigenous Neem tree and placement of a plaque designating San Felipé as a city that will nurture the growth of peace, tolerance and understanding at home and throughout the world, and enhance awareness of a community’s commitment to peace, inclusiveness, a healthy environment and sustainability. It is meant to dedicate a common ground for members of the community to come together in celebration of Mexico’s people, land, and heritage; the future of all humankind and our common home, planet earth.

The San Felipé Los Arcos Peace Park will be a place of reflection on our connectedness to one another as a Global Family and to the earth of which we are all a part.




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