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Something SPOOKY in Switzerland!

Switzerland is a latecomer in celebrating the scariest day of the year, but Halloween has definitely become a seasonal highlight. As traveling to Switzerland is not possible right now, here are some spooky Swiss experiences on video and in print that will make you go Boo!

Spooky Swiss experiences.

Oscar awarded Aliens.

When the Swiss artist H.R. Giger was awarded an Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his “Alien“ monster in a film of the same name in 1980 - he became overnight sensation. But instead of purchasing a mansion in Hollywood, he opted for the beautiful, medieval Château St. Germain at the heart of the picturesque little town of Gruyères in Fribourg. Since 1998, the noble abode is home to Giger’s work, exploring the cold biomechanical relationship between humans and machines.

Scary Swiss Horror Movie.

The Swiss Alps are a popular backdrop to produce movies requiring beautiful landscape shots. The 2010 Swiss movie based on an fable “Sennentuntschi” certainly starts on an idelic alpine hut. Don’t expect to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes too long, before seaking cover under your blanket and being scared by the “Curse of the Alps”. Now available on Amazon Prime.

World famous Dungeon.

Most of you have seen the beautiful Chappel Bridge and Water Tower of Lucerne. But did you know that the Water Tower was used as a prison? Until the late 18th century, prisoners had to sit on a toggle and got lowered into the dungeon by a rope.

The Monster Book of Switzerland.

“Switzerland is a monstrous place.” While we would not agree on this it is definitely the case in this beautiful illustrated book for children. In eight stories Switzerland’s monsters come to life. Read more about how to dig a tunnel through the mountain or what makes Swiss chocolate unique in “The Monster Book of Switzerland”.



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