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Sound Advice: Controlling What You Hear On Your Cruise Vacation

DETROIT (Feb. 22, 2019) – The sounds of live tropical music and happy people can be a big part of cruising. But there will be times onboard, in port, and traveling to your ship when you want to tune out and control what sounds you hear--and don't hear. To that end, here are some tips from CruiseCompete for a sweet-sounding cruise vacation.

You definitely need:

1. The sound gadgets.

Over-the-ear wireless headphones. Whether you're trying to watch a movie on your device over the plane noise, or you need to hear an important phone call in a crowded environment, over-the-ear headphones that block ambient noise sound are a must. You can buy very good quality "passive" noise cancellation headphones (ear muffs) for about $40 on Amazon. If you want to splurge, high-end active noise canceling models are $199 and up. (By most accounts, lower-end "active noise canceling" models aren't significantly better than cheaper "passive" models, so this is a questionable investment.)

In-ear wireless headphones. You can get decent-quality in-ear wireless headphones for about $20. Styles that have magnetic earpieces are recommended, as they connect into a necklace when not in use. They're very small and easy to carry, clip to the neck of your shirt, and always available for when you need to hear a phone call or just want to zone out to your own music. Unlike high-end earbuds, it won't be a crushing blow when you or your kid inevitably lose them (though you might want to bring an extra pair or two just in case).

A portable Bluetooth speaker. Whether in your hotel room or on your cruise balcony or the beach, a small speaker is a must. A huge variety of good quality, waterproof models are available from $25-$150. They're easy to pack, easy to carry (pro-tip: add a carabineer clip) and the batteries often last ten hours or more. The waterproof seal not only keeps out moisture but sand and dust as well. It's also wise to pick up some waterproof phone pouches before your trip. You can get two for less than $10 on Amazon and never have to worry about your phone at the beach while it's sending music to your speaker.

Good old-fashioned earplugs. Cheap, effective, and taking up almost no space, earplugs are a great way to shut out the noise when it's time to sleep.

2. The power. Make sure you have everything you’ll need to keep your devices powered.

Mobile charger. For less than $50, you can get a 3-port mobile charger the size of two packs of cards that keep all your electronics charged for days.

Multi-port wall chargers. Especially when traveling with family, you may find that there aren't enough plugs to go around. Multi-outlet plugs and multi-port chargers are a small, inexpensive solution.

Extra power cords. For when the ones you have get left in the hotel room by mistake…or just mysteriously stop working.

3. The entertainment. You can't count on having good (or free) Wi-Fi when you travel. Think ahead and download everything you want to watch or listen to before you leave home.

Different music playlists for different moods (sleep, dance, workout, relax etc.).

A selection of movies and shows to watch on airplanes or for entertaining the kids (both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video allow downloading content free as part of their subscription, or you can also buy and store content on your device.

Books on tape.

These tips will keep you and your family and friends relaxed and entertained throughout your cruise travels. Happy vacationing; travel has never sounded so sweet!

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