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SUNx Malta Launches “Travel Climate Friendly” Campaign with the ‘Strong Earth Youth Summit’

To recognize International CO2 Reduction Day and in preparation for its first annual Strong Earth Youth Summit (SEYS) on 29th April 2021, SUNx Malta announces a “Travel Climate FriendlyCampaign.

The campaign, which will be formally launched on 22nd April to support the Climate Summit announced by President Biden for that date, will be run on social media by the students on the SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) Diploma and publicly presented at SEYS.

The core goal is to ensure that, as companies and communities increasingly proclaim their adherence to a Paris 1.5 future, they register real-time plans on the UNFCCC linked SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Registry and review and update them annually.

This should have several results:

  1. Create a Climate Friendly Travel community that is transparent for customers and regulators;

  2. Build this into big global travel distributors offerings through a logo on their websites that consumers can check with a simple click;

  3. Develop a justifiable positive spirit for CFT amongst tomorrow’s travellers rather than a negative one;

  4. Prevent “Climatewash” where companies can use the Climate Crisis for promotional and marketing purposes rather than as part of their corporate operational commitment;

  5. Accelerate ambition across the sector towards the UN 2050 Paris 1.5 target, as well as the 2030 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals); and

  6. Help all post-pandemic travel to be “Climate Friendly”, as called for by the UN Secretary General.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of SUNx Malta said, “we are committed to help Travel & Tourism deliver on its promise of a green and clean future incorporating the UN SDGs and Paris 1.5 Alignment.

“This campaign will encourage companies and communities not only to announce their climate friendly ambitions, but to file their plans on the SUNx Malta Registry to incorporate actual plans and carbon reduction achievement, transparently into the broader UN Climate Action framework”.

For more information on The ‘Strong Earth Youth Summit’ (SEYS) and to register visit



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