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Chocolate, Coffee & Other Food Adventures in Switzerland – Oh My!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

“La Suisse n’existe pas” (Switzerland does not exist) – is the key sentence Switzerland introduced itself at the World Exposition in Seville in 1992. The same applies to its food. Swiss specialties vary from Canton to Canton. What they all have in common is that they all are deeply rooted in their region, made from what nature offers and prepared by people who are passionate about their land and its produce. In this newsletter, we feature some of them.

Knead some Dough in Valais.

Rye bread is as much part of the Valais as raclette and wine. The hearty bread is as full of character and just as unique as its surroundings. Rye has been grown in the Valais for centuries. In the old days, people there could bake bread only four times a year. Today, they do it every day. Do you want to learn the secret of perfectly baked rye bread and try it right out of the oven? Visit Yanis Chauvel and bake with him in a little bakehouse in the picturesque Valais village of Grimentz, in the Val d’Anniviers.

Have you ever Tasted “Jura Milk”?

“Jura milk” and “green fairy” are just two of the names for the concoction of herbs, alcohol and water known as absinthe. From 1910 to 2005 it was prohibited. Despite the threat of hefty fines, the people in Val de Travers still distilled Absinthe – and sold it in bars clandestinely, served in white plastic Ovaltine mugs. Philippe Martin, who took over his fathers legendary distillery in Boveresse, knows the history and many secrets. And he will tell you all about it in his garden over a glass of his own Jura Milk, or two.

Go Fish in Lake Constance!

Whitefish is Rolf Meier’s bread and butter. For over 20 years, he has been chugging out to Lake Constance in his small fishing boat at four in the morning, five days a week. He sets the nets in the evening and pulls them up the next morning, usually with about 50 fish, depending on the season. Rolf catches fish for the family restaurant Seegarten in Ermatingen. You can now not only eat fish at his family’s restaurant, you can also join him on the boat and help him fish your dinner.

Culinary Insider #InLoveWithSwitzerland

Lisa Mamounas fell #InLoveWithSwitzerland on her very first trip in 1997. Why? “Besides the spectacular scenery, the incredible taste and diversity of the food. Where else do you find pastry chefs that need to adjust their recipes depending on where and when the cows were grazing? My favorite dish, found at the Berghotel Schynige Platte, was a hearty, homey dish called ‘Grosi’s Älplermagronen’, made with pasta, bacon, cheese, fried onions and applesauce. It may be the ultimate comfort food.”



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