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Look No Further than Switzerland to Bask in Idyllic Mountain Lakes

Crystal-clear, turquoise-blue and extremely cold: Swiss mountain lakes. Jump in or simply dip your feet cautiously in the water – pure, refreshing bliss.

Heart-shaped Lagh de Calvaresc

Lagh de Calvaresc is probably the lake with the most charm as it is shaped in the form of a heart. It is located in Calanca Valley at an altitude of 2,214 metres and is a wonderful place where you can plunge your feet into the refreshingly cool water after climbing up there past alpine rose bushes.

Secret tip – Lake Bannalp

Idyllic Lake Bannalp lies in a side valley of the Engelberg Valley at an altitude of 1,586 metres. The alp of the same name can be reached by cable railway from Oberrickenbach. After the beautiful walk around the lake, a dip in its waters is just what you need.

A grandstand view – Lacs de Fenêtre

Perched on a wondrous plateau at 2,500 metres, the three small “Lacs de Fenêtre” are perfect for a refreshing dip – mountain panorama included. You can reach the lakes from the hospice on the Great St. Bernard, home to the St. Bernard dog.

The mythical Schwarzsee

Legend has it that the waters have been so dark since a giant washed his feet in the lake. Depending on the light conditions, the waters of the mountain lake in the Freiburg Pre-Alps shimmer in various hues up to turquoise-blue. The popular 4 km walk takes you around the lake. Anyone who likes rowing or fishing will also feel at home both around and on the lake.

The unknown Laghetto dei Salei Lake

From Vergeletto in the Onsernone Valley a ride in the small Zott cable car takes you to the enchanting Salei Alp at over 1,700 metres. Hike through green larch forests to the idyllic Laghetto dei Salei Lake and be treated to a spectacular 360°C view of the surrounding mountain peaks and valleys.

The famous Seealp Lake

The well-known Seealp Lake lies at an altitude of 1,141 metres in the Alpstein area. Embedded between mountain peaks and lush green meadows. A number of hiking routes will take you to it, but the fastest way is from Wasserauen near Appenzell.

Small idyllic Lake Retaud

A small paradise in the Vaud Alps: tucked away on a basin of the south-facing slope of La Palette, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Retaud reflect the blue sky and dark fir trees lining its shores.

Postcard-perfect Lake Bachalp

Framed with the deep-blue lake in the foreground and the snow-capped peaks of the Jungfrau massif in the background. An image that traversed the globe in the form of a postcard. However: no photo can capture the splendour of the mountain lake. You simply have to go and take a look for yourself. And getting there is not even difficult. Simple take the gondola lift from Grindelwald to First and the lake is less than one hour away on foot.



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