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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable – Getting Natural in Taiwan

Los Angeles, California (April 27, 2017) – Travelers can reap all the benefits of experiencing Taiwan’s incredible natural and cultural wonders while supporting sustainable efforts. Discover just a few of Taiwan’s eco-friendly events that highlight ecological landscapes and local traditions and ensure that these unique treasures are protected for years to come.

Celebrating the tung tree’s importance to aboriginal Hakka people, the Tung Blossom Festival blends community traditions and spectacles of nature. Historically, locals relied on the tree’s seed to make tung oil and used the wood for timber and woodworking crafts created throughout Taiwan. Even in modern days, the Hakka continue to feel a deep connection to these trees, considering them a root of their culture. The Tung Blossom Festival celebrates not just hundreds of years of tradition, but the annual bloom of snow-white blossoms signal the start of spring.

Bringing together eco-conscious citizens from across Taiwan and around the world, the Yilan Green Expo is an annual celebration of nature. Running from April 1 to May 14, 2017, the 2017 Yilan Green Expo will present “Green Sailing,” allowing visitors to engage with the natural environment with hands-on eco-friendly activities. Launched in 2000, the expo promotes sustainable ecology through environmental protection education, green living tips, farming techniques, and local Taiwanese customs.

No bucket molds here! From May 6 through July 7, 2017 visitors and participants can celebrate nature at the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival. This contemporary art event combines breathtaking sand sculptures, painting, architecture and sports into one spectacular display. The summer festival invites participants and observers alike to interact with nature and art in a fun-filled, family-friendly beach event.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is the official government agency responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. There are three North American Tourism Offices located in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.



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