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The Choirboy & the Bellydancer - A Page Turning Travelogue Now Out!

Travel writer Christine Potter's newly published memoire is now released and it's getting great reviews!

Christine says: It’s the story of how we met at 16 under whacky circumstances, our roller-coaster romance, and our early years in Canada. I’m delighted to say the book is now available in paperback or as an e-book for Kindle:

This is what advance copy reviewers say about the book:

“Frank and funny, an entertaining journey from Sussex to Spain, Africa, the Middle East and Canada, this memoir from childhood to young adult carries you through two lives at a cracking pace. With her unique style, Christine describes some of the lows and mostly highs of an adventurous and fascinating life well lived, leaving me looking forward to many more chapters to come.”

Hilary Powell, author of Watering the Tongue

Bursting with exuberance and joie de vivre, The Choirboy and the Bellydancer is a breathtaking romp into a life lived to the fullest. With humour and a shocking lack of decorum, Christine Potter weaves a captivating memoir teeming with outrageous exploits, adventures in travel, and above all, a resilient and enduring love story.

Gina Roitman, author of Don’t Ask, and Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth

“Take a delightful romp through this heart-warming. coming-of-age memoir that takes you from the late war years in England to Canada in the seventies. Meet Christine’s unusual and often entertaining family, suffer along with her sometimes hilarious and sometimes gruelling jobs—yes, she really was a belly dancer—and revel in the rapturous tale of first love that endures despite the fact that it began in a butcher shop.” Judi Lees, author of Lester’s Gift

“What a joyous read! The fast-paced story of these young people’s lives kept me reading through the surprise twists and turns, eager to know how their future would resolve. As well as a love story, The Choirboy and the Bellydancer is an immensely enjoyable travelogue. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of their lives.”

Carole Serene Borgens, Author: Do Unto Earth: It's Not Too Late.



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