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The Mural Marigold Project in Sedona Needs You!

This highly anticipated annual event is back this fall with a new, exciting format.  The "Tree of Life: Messages of Love" mural, created by the artist Lovejoy to honor our lost loved ones, will be ready for your contributions from Wednesday, November 4 through November 7, 11 a.m. to 5p.m. daily.   

Everyone is invited to bring or share a contribution online at to add to this collective piece of commemorative artwork.

Suggestions for tributes include a letter, photo, drawing, painting, or just a name.  Contributions should be 4x 6 or smaller.

Although it is highly recommended that contributors create their tributes at home, note cards and markers will be available on site and sanitized after each use. 

Photos of the final mural will be uploaded to the Tlaquepaque website for all to enjoy.

Located on the Calle Independencia, Tlaquepaque.  928-282-4838



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