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THE POWER OF WHY – Why 21 Musicians Created A Program

Music is certainly a universal language which can be enjoyed in great variety all over this world! A series of books has recently been created to help inspire the future musicians by a friend of mine, Glory St. Germain. Here, she explains her motivation, and unveils powerful experiences that help motivate others to pursue music:

As I have travelled the world the one thing that remains constant is the power of music and it’s impact on the culture and community of each and every country. Music is in fact, the universal language, which is why these global musicians are so passionate about sharing their stories.

YES 🙌 THE POWER OF WHY - Why 21 Musicians Created A Program just hit #1 Best Seller - not just in one but in THREE categories. pre-order now for ONLY $1.99 USD Meet the International author-contributors who share their stories of fears and aspirations which led to their Why. Discover Your Why

Every day, musicians from around the world begin their musical journey of learning, composing, performing, and following their musical dreams. Most musicians begin with lessons while others are self-taught. One thing all musicians have in common is creativity. Compiled by Glory St. Germain, this book tells the stories of musicians from around the world who share their fears and aspirations which led to their Why. The global author-contributors are the 'players' that have lived it. Some have created a program, crafted a course, composed a legacy, captured the lead, and climbed to superstar status. Why? Discover why they started on their path, the obstacles they had to overcome, the massive mountains they had to climb to reach the peak of their careers. Why - it all starts with a desire, followed by dedication and determination, one note at a time. It’s time to discover your Why and put your creativity to the test - Dream Big and transform your musical mind into a musical masterpiece.

Congratulations to the musicians for sharing their stories in THE POWER OF WHY – WHY 21 MUSICIANS CREATED A PROGRAM.

by Glory St.Germain

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