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The Transformational Travel Council Produces “THE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAVEL JOURNAL"

Seattle, WA – October 28, 2020 — The Transformational Travel Council has earned global praise from international travel media and sales in 35 countries in its kickstarter campaign to support the new book The Transformational Travel Journal: Your Guide to Creating a Life-Changing Journey, by author Eric Rupp, in collaboration with the Transformational Travel Council (TTC). The kickstarter campaign will end October 29 with a 24-hour “Travel Awakened Virtual Festival” of world music, movement, connection, and transformative storytelling.

"Our kicker campaign has been incredibly successful—despite the challenges of publishing a travel-related book in the midst of a global pandemic that has suspended travel for many of us,” said Jake Haupert, co-Founder of the Transformational Travel Council. “The very nature of this transformational journal is the reason for the success we’ve experienced during this kickstarter campaign. This inspiring and empowering journal nurtures a transformational travel mindset, traveling from the inside-out, and encourages us to realize that travel is more about depth than distance. The liminal state in which we currently find ourselves is disorienting for many of us, but at the same time we’ve all been granted time and space to be introspective, to heal, to grow and to chart a course to living a more conscious, authentic and fulfilling life."

The Transformational Travel Journal has been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and Everett Potter's Giveaway, in addition to being featured in “The World's Greatest Vacations,” which has over 1 million readership. Among the praise from respected travel media:

“How many of us—thoughtful travelers—pack a blank journal only to have it go untouched? We don’t know where to begin, we fear a blank page. (As a writer, this fear is a familiar one.) The Transformational Travel Journal includes within its inviting pages that gentle guide that prompts us to answer those elusive whys and other big questions to find meaning in life. Author Eric Rupp takes inspiration from mythologist Joseph Campbell’s work on the human experience to give today’s traveler a journal worthy of the journey.”

NORIE QUINTOS, travel journalist and editor at large for National Geographic Travel Media

"I highly recommend this book for all who travel. Do so intentionally." Joe Pine, acclaimed author of the Experience Economy.

Practical sections of the journal include guidance on how to:

· Prepare: During the weeks leading up to departure.

· Embrace adventure: Engage fully with your travel experience and capture meaningful moments.

· Think: As you return from your travels, uncover more profound layers of insight to nurture a fuller appreciation of your experiences through mindfulness and contemplation.

· Honor: Create positive change in the world by taking action based on your new understandings, connections, and perspectives.

· Continue Engagement: Ongoing reflections, planning, and actions will expand and extend your travel-inspired transformation.

"We also imagine this journal being an especially meaningful gift to give this holiday season,” said Haupert. “It's written in a way that will appeal to new and seasoned travelers and will inspire them to start developing their own results-driven travel practice.”

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Serf Seo
08 de nov. de 2020

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